IP55 Rated Outdoor Lighting

The future is Brighter.

We’ve made some improvements to our Barn Lighting, and we’re beyond proud of it. Our IP55 Rated Atomic Accessory enhanced your lighting protection, allowing you to update your style while keeping your sparkie happy!

Coming soon in 2023
– An LED to really knock your retinas out!

Our Atomic Upgrade works with almost all Barn Light Fixtures.

How does it work?

We like making things…

We take our “Atomic Industrial Chain Pendant” assembly and create an extended threaded portion. This allows us to change the height to suit the neckline, then its simply placed within your selection of warehouse shade and associated mounting.

Your selected warehouse shade provides a water-sealed cover, whereas the glass protects the lampholder giving complete 360 coverage.

cast guard glass with shade |
cast guard glass with shade complete |

your many options...

Barn Light lets you create your own lighting using off-the-shelf components, in the way you want it.

All Cast and Wire Guards are finished in the same selected colour that you order your shade in (or Atomic unit!).

Desire another colour? just ask and we’ll organise it. (Blue/White? Black White?)

Want to use the Glass without the Guard? Simply remove it! Want to use the cage WITHOUT the Glass? Remove the glass!* Unit is now IP44 Rated!

[CGG] Standard Cast Guard

Our Most Popular!

[TGG] Thick Cast Guard

"Pub Rule" Approved

[WGG] Nautical Wire Guard

Bring the Beach Home

[CLR] Clear Atomic Glass

The highest lighting dispersal.

[FRS] Frosted Glass

When you need the softest diffused light available.

Vintage LED Bulb

ST64 LED Globes

3-Year Warranties. High Performance. Enlightening.

CREE LED Upgrades

Coming Sooner.. We've got some real stars for your eyes.

Our Lighting is 99% recyclable.

A few gaskets short of a scrap metal bin

Uncomparable Performance

Its a vintage light, with modern technology