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The difference between how its built, how you’ll install it, where the light sits, the overall projection (and more!) are all difficult to explain, so here’s Barn Light’s guide on how to make your dreams an installable reality!

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A few images to get an idea of the different types of mountings that Barn Light can provide. We’re never limited by design, rather your budget and imagination.

Need it to be perfect for your forever home? Excellent! – Design it, and we’ll manufacture it! 

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Our Lighting is all modular so its by no surprise that it gives a LOT of different variables, how we can better communicate the information to you using these terms.

The Original Gooseneck Barn Light with g22 Gooseneck Arm

hotspot 40cm original gooseneck barn light |

Hardware (H)
from wall mounting, including hardware + accessories

Projection: [H] + [A]

[H] = Hardware
[A] = Accessories

Mounting Projection (MP)
from wall to light source

Projection: [H] + [A] + [M]

[H] = Hardware
[A] = Accessories
= Mounting Arm

OverAll Projection (OAP)
from wall to shade edge

Projection: [H] + [A] + [M] + [S]

[H] = Hardware
= Accessories
[M] = Mounting Arm
[S]  = Shade (1/2 | 50%)

Technical Information

Image: 40cm Original w/ G22 Gooseneck

OverAll Projection (OAP)
from wall to shade edge

Projection: [H] + [A] + [M] + [S]

[H] = Hardware; 3cm
= Accessories; Nil
[M] = Mounting Arm; 57cm
[S]  = Shade (1/2 | 50%); 20cm

3cm + 0cm + 57cm + 20cm = 80cm Overall Projection

Lets keep on those projections... (Sample)

35cm Universal

G22 Gooseneck Arm

35cm Universal Gooseneck Barn Light w/ G22 Gooseneck Arm.

[H] = 3cm
[A] = 0;
[M] = 57cm;
[S] = 17.5cm (35cm/2)

Overall Projection = 77.5cm

43cm Old Dixie

Sg16 Sconce Gooseneck

43cm Universal Gooseneck Barn Light w/ SG16 Sconce Gooseneck Arm.

[H] = 3cm
[A] = 0;
[M] = 37cm;
[S] = 21.5cm (43cm/2)

Overall Projection = 61.5cm

gooseneck icon |
Common Projections


PG12 Projection
SG16 Projection 
G15 Projection
G22 Projection

= 30cm
= 37cm
= 47cm
= 57cm

See Hardware for [H] + [A] related information.

straight arm icon |
Common Projections

Straight Arms

G4 Projection
G14 Projection
G34 Projection +15cm Drop
G64 Projection
“Dual” Sconces / Wall Light

= 22cm
= 38cm
= 38cm
 = 50cm (Light Centre, 60 OAP)
= 18cm

dual atomic icon |

Small Sconces

G3 Straight Arm  
Dual Arm Sconces
Flush (Wall Mount)

= 18cm
= 18cm
= 18cm


Common Accessories

Standard Hardware

Our Wall Backing Plate [WBP] has a Projection of 5cm from the wall; the recessed female/internal accommodates 4cm (*This 4cm comes off all projections*) of tubing (Gooseneck/Straight Arm).

The additional 2cm is to account for the “Adaptor Bracket” and “Foam Gasket” to suit. Different methods can change the projection +/- 2cm depending on installation method.

For the ease of engineering =

Add 3cm for projections all for Standard E27 type Goosenecks (WITHOUT LEDs)

Standard Wall Backing Plate (E27)
Combined Height

= 5cm (WBP + Gasket)
= 6cm (HD-WBP + Gaskets)
= 11cm (HD-WBP + WBP + Gaskets)

Common Upgrades

LEDs & Atomic Units & ...

When purchasing a “Fully Integrated LED” option (LMH020 version), the mounting hardware will include a HD-WBP (Heavy Duty Wall Backing Plate) free of charge to recess the LED driver. 

Evidentially this adds HD-WBP another 6cm to existing projections, however as 4cm of the WBP is already recessed –

The total projection to be added is 7cm for LED Barn Lights