How to buy a Barn Light – You’d be right to think “simple – click & ship” however Barn Light is quite unlike other online lighting companies, buying a Barn Light is a unique experience and in this guide, we’ll run you down all of your *current* options. Keep in mind that we create FOR you, we’re not restricted to certain colours or styles, we’re the company that you’ll want to use for this project, and every project moving forward.

Have you ever decided on the lighting you actually want, but found it isn’t available in a pendant, or a wall mounting. Disappointed right? What’s different at Barn Light? We manufacture everything in-house, from the shades, to the mountings, to the electrical – right through to boxing things and slapping Australia Post stickers onto those same boxes. Our most common complaint from Customers is a simple one “Too many Options” they’ll say quite happily!

Selecting your Hamptons, Industrial, Farmhouse-styled Light?

white hampton style light on grey brick with white windows in background
Credit: Cottonwood & Co - Our 25cm Austin Wall Light in Pearl White Gloss.

The first thing you need to decide is what mounting you desire. More often than not, you’ll already have a need for a wall light, or a ceiling light – frankly it doesn’t get much easier than that. What makes things a touch difficult is what clearances, or limitations you have to work with, that and what electrical cables are available. If you’ve got a wall light in a walkway, and a tight spot at that – you might want to use an overhead pendant to brightly illuminate that walkway at night, and leave a smaller wall sconce on that wall for aesthetics and ambience. If you want to know more about Projections (Gooseneck Specific), see our handy Projections FAQ

Secondly, as every shade we use is modular – We can use multiple shades, in multiple mounting styles. What style of Lighting do you want? Hamptons? Farmhouse? Industrial?

If you’d like to spend some time running through our lighting articles, have a quick look over the following: HamptonsFederation Styled Homes to give you an idea how much different lighting can be for different styles.

 We’ve got a few different options for shades, including sizes and frankly its up to you in making that decision, we’ll be here to advise and create your space. Shown below is our “The Original” family of warehouse shades, shown here in both 30cm and 40cm shades, however the product pages do show larger sizes.. so there is more to be found!

The Original Family of Lighting

  • Black Industrial Wall Light on Gooseneck Mounting

    The Original Gooseneck Barn Light

    $343.00 AUD
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  • Original Black Factory Wall Light

    The Original Farmhouse Wall Light

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $321.00 AUD
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  • 40cm original cord pendant black ace canopy |

    The Original Cord Pendant

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $243.00 AUD
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  • 40cm original chain hung pendant black ace canopy |

    The Original Chain Hung Barn Pendant

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $268.00 AUD
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  • Stem Pendant Light in Black

    The Original Stem Pendant

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $253.00 AUD
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  • Original Flush Mount Light in Black Ace. 40cm Shade

    The Original Flush Ceiling Light

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $233.00 AUD
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Select your preferred Shade Style, or Atomic Equivalent.

Want to know our available shade styles? Our Shop By Shade page is regularly updated with new models of warehouse shades, shallow bowl warehouse shades, deep-bowl shades, and a variety of different custom lighting styles. As everything we manufacture is Australian Made, we’ve got a lot more options than we advertise – Thinking you might want a long-cone, or deep dome? Send us a link, a photo, or online live-chat and we’ll see what we can come up with.

The difference between using Ceiling Lights and Wall Lights (or Wall Lights) will make the lighting dispersal varyingly different based on the heights they are installed from, the projection from the wall, and so on. Giving us a call when you feel uninformed would be the easiest decision you can make.

Most customers will have a style or selection of products before contacting us, that said it doesn’t hurt to look at available options before making that final decision. Certain lighting styles can be drastically more effective for lighting dispersal like our shallow bowl Astro (30cm Astro and 33cm Old Dixie) or containment like our deep bowl Wesco (40cm especially) and Old Dixie (43cm). If you’ve got a problem that needs a creative lighting solution, we’re here for you!

Select your preferred Colours & Finishes

Lighting Colours - A large proportion of our customers play directly into three category groups.

  1. Customers with existing Colorbond® colours like fencing, roofing, gutters, window trims and similar pre-specified colours.
  2. Customers attempting to colour match paint colours or otherwise compliment these colours
  3. Customers who don’t have a preference to colour, however want to add some “wow” factor (because we can!)

Colorbond Colours?

For those customers already keen on keeping to what they know and trust:

Yes, We can powdercoat your selection of lighting using Colorbond® colours – We source our Colorbond colours directly from DuluxPowders so you’ll have an identical sheen for every job that we complete. Its important that you view the Dulux Powders website to see their entire range of colours and sheens and give us a call if you have any questions.

For the avoidance of doubt – Dulux is known to discontinue colours quicker than paint can dry, so if its not shown online, give us a call to see your available options. If its important to you, we can offer our wet-spray finish which usually ends up being cheaper than purchasing custom powder coats to match (or resurrect!). That said, Dulux also releases *new* powdercoat colours almost every season which we’ll read about below.

original gooseneck barn light
Monument Satin Anyone?

What Colorbond Colours do we powdercoat regularly?

Listed in most-common (multiple times) to least (once a month) on a month-to-month basis – Monument Satin, Monument Matt, Night Sky (Black Satin), Deep Ocean Satin, Pale Eucalypt, Surfmist, Evening Haze, Wallaby, Basalt, Manor Red.

I'm looking for Lighting available in

Dulux® Lexicon® Quarter? Natural White? Whisper White? Porter’s Paints? Haymes?

As more and more customers become accustomed (and emotionally attached) to their own colour schemes – whether that be courtesy of our range of designers, social media influencers, or TV shows like “The Block”, or their local home and garden magazine – Its become more important to Barn Light, as a company, to provide such a solution, and for that we’ve got the following information.

Colour Matching? 2-Pack Paints?

Whilst a large majority of standard “house paints” are not available as powdercoat colours – Barn Light offers a paint-colour-matching service. Our service enables you to become the Designer and specify whichever paint colour (and sheen within reason) that you wish to use and we’ll obtain the colour formula, match it into a wet-spray paint (2-Pack Automotive Quality) and spray-paint your fixtures as you design them. The result is coastal resistant spray-paint in the same quality as you’d expect from your car in durability. What’s the cost you ask? Our “Shop by Colour” page has the cost of wetspray finishes available. If you want a metallic paint finish, we can definitely offer this to you which leads us to our “Wow Factor” shown below

What's New Colours can I powdercoat With?

2721378M matt duralloy duralloy lexicon quarter matt |
Dulux® Lexicon® Quarter Matt - A fresh change of whites

Available from 05/2022 – Lexicon Quarter (Matt) is now available as a powdercoat colour, a new release from Dulux, along with Natural White (Matt), and Whisper White (Matt). Lexicon Quarter has always been a well requested colour and is now available on our website under “Popular Colours” for you to take advantage of.

You’d probably be thinking “Where is White on White” right about now? There isn’t always powdercoat colour listed that comes close to paints, and that’s where compromises are required start. We’d likely advocate “Flat White” from our range of Electro colours that features a flat, neutral white finish, or White Matt (Duralloy) which comes “close enough” for most people on a budget. Whilst we don’t have a solution for every colour, our unique ability to work towards your needs makes your lighting solution a reality.

Lighting *WOW* Factor and how to achieve it

Extending on that prior passage – A number of customers have asked “Can you do Porter’s Paint Colours”? Yes, we most certainly can, and do quite often. We find that most paint colours are geographically segmented – Resene Paints for Queenslanders, Porters Paints for the Southern Highlands (especially) and NSW as a whole, and Dulux for Victorians are commonplace questions. Some colours are unavailable down here in Melbourne, so we typically order “sample pots”, just like everyone else does and arrange for the colour-matching guys to receive your colours to formulate to.

greenappleid dual arm emblem sign light |
Created by Alison from Green Apple ID. Our Dual Arm Emblem Sign Light in Haymes Geranium is a star of their Barn Guest House Project in the Southern Highlands, NSW

Select your Mounting

By this point, you’ll likely have an idea of your shade style, your desired colours, and we’re almost finished once you select your Mounting. As we list each of our items within its own product listing, the various mounting options will be shown for each item. For example; we offer four standard “Goosenecks” within our “Outdoor Gooseneck Range” – You’ll find what you need when you search for.

Here’s a quick list for your reference:

Chain Hung

Industrial. Quality.

Outdoor Chain

Designer Strength
Chain me up.

Stem Pendants


Outdoor Lighting

Custom Lengths
Create me.

Flush Mount

Ceiling + Shade

Flush Mount

Need Space?
Shop Small[er].

Wall Mounting

If you selected “The Old Dixie” warehouse shade and want it wall mounted – You’d search for either “The Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light” or “The Old Dixie Wall Light” and each of those product listings would be available to you. Or simply browser from either our /shop/ or their respective category page (shown in the images above!)

Continuing from the Old Dixie example above; If you selected the Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light, on the product page you’ll see a range of different mounting arms available for that product. You can opt to select any of those mounting arms, and available accessories, combined with your selected product finish to complete your new look.

Ceiling Mounting

If you’ve decided on using the Astro Shallow Bowl Light as a pendant, but are uncertain of the benefits of each mounting option – You’d have a quick look at each of the categories and make a decision upon which best suits you. As a suggestion – If you live in a windy area, a rigid Astro Stem Pendant or Astro Flush Mount might be more desirable than an Astro Barn Pendant as it won’t blow around in the wind.

If you’re unsure or need help with anything, please reach out and one of our team will gladly assist you further. We hope this article has helped to explain the process of how to buy a Barn Light to suit your space and what to consider before making your new lighting investment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Thanks for reading!

– Jesse & Mel



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  1. Hi, I have four 12V / 240V oyster lights from my 1979 caravan which I need to have sprayed gold. I attempted to spray two of them myself but wasn’t happy with the finish. Is this something you can help me with?

    1. Hi Yasmin,

      It certainly is – Feel free to contact us to provide more information on the material and we’ll provide options based on that information.


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