Outdoor Lighting

Why buy Outdoor Rated Lighting?

When it comes to lighting up an outdoor space, some homeowners may feel overwhelmed by the outdoor ratings and end up settling for a less-than-optimal result. (If you feel like you need a justification, see the reviews of our competitors!) Fortunately, our range of stylish, weather proof/exposed lighting fixtures will add charm and ambience without the need to compromise on quality.

Our products are designed to be easy to install and require zero maintenance, (coastal areas – use a  wet rag to remove salt periodically) so they can be enjoyed by homeowners for many years without any hassle. If you’re looking for an upgrade on your exterior lighting, we’ve got just what you need! Every fixture shown within this category is designed for FULL WEATHER (we’re adamant about this).

Standard benefits:
– Our fixtures are rated for outdoor use.
– They’re easy to install, and they’ll last a lifetime.
– Full Australian UV conditions – Yes, right next to the surf is perfectly fine. Doubt us? Call us
– You’ll feel good knowing that your investment in lighting fixtures that’ll compliment your style
– Your home will be more inviting with these beautiful lights!
– We offer a large range of powdercoated colours to accent your existing house colour schemes.

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