WALL Mounted Lighting

If you are looking to create a welcoming & illuminating atmosphere, buy a Barn Light. Our Wall Lights are designed to affix to popular and vintage weatherboards, corrugated, brick and so much more. You’ll always have the option of a small, or large light available in a variety of Australian specific colours. Designed for Australian Conditions, we offer the best there is to offer in style and quality.

Ceiling Mounted Lighting

Fun, Popular, and Desirable. Our range of lighting offers Flexible Cord Pendants, Stem (or Rods/Poles) Mounted Pendants, as well as Chain Hung (for that industrial look) and Flush Mounted for those with minimal headroom. All outdoor rated, all with a variety of colours to match – you’ll definitely take some time decision on size, style, finish, and finally how many…

New outdoor lights

We’re always creating new lighting styles, combinations, and designs. Here’s our latest product releases to keep your eye wandering! Keep a look on our blog page to view new releases or check out our Shop by Colour page or Shop by Shade/Style for your next lighting installation. Looking to buy lights for your backyard? Our love for premium quality Post Mount Lights are our newest release and its getting a lot of love.

  • The Cottage Flared Wall Light in Black

    The Cottage Flared Wall Light

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    $336.00 AUD
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  • Atomic Warehouse Bunker Light

    The Cottage Warehouse Wall Light

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    $349.00 AUD
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  • Black Wall Light

    The Bowie Cottage Wall Light

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    $312.00 AUD
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  • Industrial Wall Light

    The Cottage Caged Wall Light

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    $192.00 AUD
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  • Industrial Deep Bowl Wall Light

    The Wesco Farmhouse Wall Light

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    $308.00 AUD
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  • Austin Caged Cord Pendant in Black. Clear Glass & Standard Die-Casted Cast Guard.

    The Austin Caged Cord Pendant

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    $341.00 AUD
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An Australian Outdoor Lighting Manufacturer

Barn Light. We’re an Australian Made & Owned Lighting Manufacturer dedicated to creating the highest quality outdoor rated lighting that Australia has to offer. Why do we do this? Our company is on a mission to supply quality lighting fixtures that will make your home or workplace stunningly unique.

To achieve our noteworthy quality Barn Lights, small Small Wall Lights, Industrial Pendants and many more, we work alongside designers, tradies, and engineers to get the job done right the first time! So, you can spend more time enjoying your unique barn lights. Our designer outdoor lighting is manufactured here in Melbourne, starting from spun aluminium through to being powdercoated, on-site electrical wiring, assembly, and everything between made using our quality-focused Australian staff

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Need to know how to design (or buy) your own Barn Light? What colours do we keep stocked? Know what colours we’ve got available (its a long list), and what colours we’ve just released? – just for you, by Barn Light.

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