The New Zealand Inland Revenue Service & The New Zealand Customs Services implemented a 15% GST on “Low Value Goods” imported into New Zealand, whilst simple it can be quite complex depending on the value of your order.

It is important to note, that since you are purchasing from an Australian Website – Our pricing must include an Australian GST of 10%, we’ll refer to this as “AU-GST” in this document however all NZ customs paperwork refers to NZD – The difference in currency valuation can be between 10% through to 20% in any given year.

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Website Pricing for New Zealanders

Where purchasing from our website ( – Our pricing will show Australian pricing inclusive of AU-GST.
For New Zealand Orders, once you’ve changed your country/region from the checkout – Our website will remove AU-GST from your order. As we don’t have separate tax rules related to exports, you won’t be charged your local NZ-GST by Barn Light.

The following screenshots show the difference in pricing at the checkout. You’ll notice the change of subtotal associated with the product, but also the removal of GST on product options (if you select them). In the screenshots below, from $20 to $18.18 for example.

australian exports to new zealand |
Before changing the Country/Region
australian exports to new zealand changed pricing |
After changing the country to New Zealand

What's the Technical Changes

On all products exported to New Zealand will be fully compliant with the New Zealand Customs Service’s GST collection requirements.

  1. All orders under NZ$1,000 do not require an import license however an import license is preferable if importing on a routine basis.

  2. Freight to New Zealand (via eParcel/NZ Post/Australia Post) will be charged at a set fee of AU$85 per order.

  3. All packages will be marked as “FOB” – This stands for “Free on Board
    • We’ll make payments to ship products to you ($85 charge) however you must be aware that NZ IRS (New Zealand, Inland Revenue Service) will require payment for the NZ-GST attributed to your order (at the current rate of 15%) to be paid by you/r agents, exclusive of any fees, duties, and charges they may apply to your shipment.

  4. Parcels shipped from Barn Light Australia will be delivered by NZ Post and failing that, generally a local contractor of NZ Post.

  5. Any & All Instructions provided to us relative to shipping/delivery cannot be enforced, thus we do expect some understanding that both NZ Post and NZ Customs / IRS operate on their own accord.

    • For Example: “Please leave with #8 if unattended” cannot be enforced by Barn Light, nor can be we held responsible if the package is retained.

    • Please do not park opposite the rear-double doors

New Zealand Trade Discounts & pricing.

COMMERCIAL orders purchasing with the intent to resell/install over the value of NZ$1,001 or more than NZ$60,000 per taxable year.

Whilst it is typical of a business to provide a discount proportionate to the first order value, we typically do not offer discounts on a first order basis for the following reasons:

  1. The cost of freight to NZ greatly differs to the price quoted on our website as we don’t have per-region pricing, nor is it typically accurate. Our average shipment order value of the past twelve months for residential order sets the bar for our websites NZ Shipping Price.
  2. The cost of freight for commercial orders differs and is a measure of % higher than a per (-<$1000) order basis.
    • A $1000 Order to Auckland costing $100 (47x47x37cm @ 8KG)
    • A $2000 Order to Auckland costing $250
  3. Commercial Orders have a greater administrative burden that requires signed documents, tracking, insurance, and communication with government departments where required.

Suppliers Declaration of Conformity? (SDoC)

Our standard “SDoC” (Electrical Supplier Declaration of Conformity) document will be emailed and three copies affixed to the first parcel sent to you. A screenshot of what you should expect is in addition to our standard ERAC Registration and related certifications.

You may be required to present this to Customs should the Original Documents be misplaced in transit. This is a required document in conjunction with the safety requirements of the New Zealand “Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010”

For electrical tradespersons including electrical wholesalers – If you require confirmation of ERAC/ESSS Registration –

sdoc screenshot |

New Zealand Residential Importing Process

RESIDENTIAL infers purchasing for own use, up-to the value of NZ$1,000$1000-or-less–or-more-than-nz$1000/

Step 1 (If Ordering OVER NS$1,000)

Order items for over NZ$1000, arrange transport to NZ and apply for a Customs Number (Client Code).

Step 2 (Automated)

The company (AustraliaPost) that has transported your items will contact you when those items arrive in NZ, in Barn Light’s case – via any of the following transport companies, and their agents: AusPost/EMS/NZ Post

Step 3 (Requires your attention)

Email [email protected] with the following:

Alternatively you can contact a Customs broker to manage the process for you at your own cost. *Both the shipping document and notice from NZ Post will come digitally.

Step 4 (Process can take 7-14 days)

Customs will issue you an invoice based on the Customs Value, which is the cost of the item in New Zealand Dollars (NZD), as well as the cost of shipping and any insurance. Please be aware, Barn Light does not cover these costs associated with your import.

This charge will be made up of:

  • 15% GST
  • Duty if required, this depends on where your item is from and what it is
  • An Import Entry Transaction Fee. You can find out the current fee by referring to the Schedule of Goods Clearance Fees

Step 5 (Pay your Bill)

Pay your bill

Step 6 (Goods Delivered)

Once you have paid, your transport company will receive automatic notification that your goods can be delivered to you.

New Zealand Commercial/Trade Importing Process

COMMERCIAL infers purchasing with the intent to resell/install over the value of NZ$1,001 or more than NZ$60,000 per taxable year. If you are reading this, please see your customs broker/accountant as rules do change over time.

Step 1

If you have brought in or sent items overseas worth over NZ$1000 previously, you do not need to apply for a Customs Number – you would have received notification of this via email from Customs or via your Broker.

Step 2

If you have never brought in or sent items overseas worth over NZ$1000, you will need to apply for a Customs Number.

Complete NZCS 224-A Customs Number Application for an individual person (PDF 818 KB).

Email the completed form and a copy of your photo ID to [email protected].

You will receive your Customs Number by email.


If you’re applying for a Client Code so that you can import items for commercial purposes (to sell, to use in a business) or are a Sole Trader, please refer to the Client Code webpage.

The residential process continues until your new lighting is in your hand.

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