Something our competitors don’t know… we can match paints – and that means we can also wetspray your new Barn Lights *any* colour you want.

Yes. That mint colour you saw on Pinterest – Yes we can.

Yes. That “1967 Ford Mustang Acapulco Blue Metallic with Clear Gloss” – Yes it’ll match your pride and joy.

Yes – Tupperware Green. In Fact – We developed “Farmhouse Green” powdercoat because it was THAT popular!

Prior to 2020 – We owned and operated an Automotive Spray Booth designed to spray-paint cars in 2-Pack paints. 2-Pack paints are the “next generation” of paint finishes and are sprayed on every automotive vehicle that leaves a car dealership. If you haven’t seen a rusted car out, its in 2-Pack.

Why do we know this? Well, next door to us was (still is, kinda) an Automotive Spray painter with 50 years of combined knowledge (Father & Son) of automotive finishes, heritage cars, and purveyor to some of Australia’s most popular stock of vehicle restorations. Looking to fix up the old beater? See Exotic Kustoms, in Hallam

We learnt a bit is probably an understatement. Unfortunately, we gave up the booth (hand-balled it next door) as finding wet-spray employees was a tough gig (preparation work.. is time-consuming, and a tough gig) and frankly we couldn’t keep an employee on $80p/h going rate to spray-paint all day.

We ended up changing our manufacturing completely to powder coating as 80% of our customers just want “Black or White” and it was much cheaper to provide that in a powdercoated finish that 99% of customers were happy with, especially the turn around times. In Late 2023, after a decade in waiting, we started powdercoating that said, we’re back at it. Brand new Waterwall (Spraybooth) is now in operations and what this means for you – We can provide you/r customers the service however costly it may be.

Here’s a basic breakdown of the cost of Wet-spray – On the base price of your light of choice. 

Once the paint has been formulated (or we have it here pre-formulated already), we won’t charge you for paint again.

  • Solid Colours: $249 (Requiring a single colour / direct to metal)
  • Metallic: $399 (Requiring Clear Coats / requiring epoxy / stripping)
  • Application Fee: $29 per fitting after your first three “included” fixtures.


greenappleid dual arm emblem sign light |
Our Dual Arm Emblem Sign Light in Haymes Paints Geranium


940-Coppertone Bowie

940 Coppertone – Did you buy this bright, golden fixture all that time ago and need a few more? Just a sample of what we did so well all that time ago – and we’re doing it again!

acapulco blue custom lighting |

Acapulco Blue – 1969 Ford Mustang, Need Custom Lighting to match? We do it all!

jeep xtreme purple scaled |

Housing a very specific Jeep Wranger, Winter Edition and need lighting to keep your car safe? Here’s Xtreme Purple from Jeep; Just before the clear coat!

75CFEB15 918F 4AA4 AFB2 84CD34F47212 |
Bright Orange Powdercoat (X15)