Flat whte ~ Hamptons White

Electro Flat White is a flat, vintage white with zero sheen. Commonly referred to as “Vintage, Neutral White”, this finish is more “neutral white” without yellow or blue tones. The zero/matt finish resists light glare to provide a diffused warm glow which being a white colour, makes the surface finish appear textured. This texture is best described as old papiermâché or a Rustic White Brick Wall. You’ll love pairing this vintage white alongside popular design styles such as Hampton, French Provincial, and Scandinavian.

Flat White [EFW] – is our most popular White, providing zero sheen making it appear almost as chalk. Our highest performing, and durability of any colour available from Barn Light. If you need it to last longer than the structure it is being affixed to, then its an easy choice. Extremely popular for customers who are uncertain about what colour they should use against dark exteriors. Flat White is certain to make your structure “pop” with its highlighting bright white.

Described as a non-textured vintage white, Electro Flat White has a significant warranty period from Dulux (20-25 years!)

Non-habitable Residential 4 Levels Residential 3 Levels Light Commercial 4 Levels Commercial 3 Levels Prestigious Commercial Monumental
Interior Ideal! Ideal! Ideal! Ideal! Ideal! Ideal! Ideal!
Exterior Ideal! Ideal! Ideal! Ideal! Ideal! Ideal!

Electro is NOT suitable in strongly acidic or caustic environments so PH must be >5 and <9.
Please refer to the ‘Interior and exterior environments close to liquids other than the sea’ section for warranty implications for in such environments.

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The manufacturing of White starts with an expensive coastal grade powdercoat being applied to our pre-treated aluminium, due to the unique properties of this colour, we coat the shade both inside and out with the same colour before curing at 220C in our batch fired powdercoating oven.

Hamptons Flat White

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