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Lighting for Australia’s Tropical Environments

Rusted Wall Light from Beacon Lighting

Barn Light has been a leader in designing and producing Australian Made Lighting since 2008. We provide you with purpose built lights that are specifically designed for your project or renovation needs; whether it’s commercial or residential – we have what you need! Tropical Locations are no longer a headache with our range of Outdoor Rated, UV Stable Powdercoated Aluminium Lighting designs.

Zoe’s Positively Original Style

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With a passion for character-filled homes, Zoe Ella gets very excited by classic design. The colours, shapes and curves of old-world features appeal to her sense of style. She has turned this love into the craft of ‘Upcycling’, restoring retro furniture and fixtures to houses looking for that recaptured nostalgia. Zoe has been capturing that […]