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White Queenslander Wall Lighting
Our Austin Cottage Wall Light is a favourite for Queenslander Homes

A unique architectural style typically found in Queensland, and upper northern NSW. These adorable homes feature classic Australian designs, with their signature “three-piece” look: a steeply pitched roof, wide verandas, and timber construction. Typically one-story dwellings that have been built to withstand harsh weather conditions like cyclones and flooding (and therefore typically elevated).

As the inside of Queenslander style homes is often quite spacious, installing our Wall Lights is a breeze due to the high ceilings and over large windows that let in plenty of natural light. The Queenslander design style is also characterized by a focus on outdoor living, nothing more Aussie than a BBQ with friends on a long weekend (or two!) with an emphasis on entertaining in the backyard. No doubt in these circumstances you’d want to maintain the Queenslander styling when installing your new lighting, something our Universal is unique about.

Our Top Three Lighting Styles for Queenslander Homes?
Universal, Hobart, Austin

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