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The Original Caged Ranch Outdoor Wall Light

$517.00 AUD

  • Original Ranch Sizes
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    Colorbond® & Colours

    *[DLQ] - Dulux Lexicon Quarter

    Lexicon® Quarter has a cool, fresh, modern appearance, particularly when applied to walls and trims. This finish will provide a seamless up-to-date style to your home, extending that look, feel, and style using a Barn Light ;). Powdercoat is a different product to paint, not all powdercoats look like paints, and the variance in satins, gloss levels, and matte level vary dramatically.

    *WS975-Galvanised Appendum

    WS975-Galvanised is a premium, hand-painted finish manufactured from quality fine metallic paints and Acrylic Etch Primers designed to age with the building and surrounds. You'll be probably asking yourself, "Is it Steel?". The answer is NO, it is not. Its hand-dabbed automotive quality paint formula, sprayed by our employees.

    1. This paint/finish is expensive - 8Ltrs of this formula costs $800.
    2. We haven't changed paint formulation since 2014, and we've got this finish installed at Seaworld (yes, that one) for the past 10 years.
    3. We don't keep stock - All parts needs to be batched. The pattern changes subtly based on the operator.
    4. Leadtimes vary a touch more than usual due to the labour required to achieve this finish.

    By checking this box, you acknowledge that Warranties are limited to two-years from the date of purchase for this finish, as aging is a desired effect.

    Please provide your desired Colorbond® Colour

    Order Colour Swatches | Shop by Colour

    All Duotone Pricing is +$49.

    *External Colour (inc. Hardware & Mounting)

    Match your unique colour scheme by customising the external and internal colours and their appearances. See more about Duotones
    If you intend to purchase 3x+ of any product in duotone, please contact us or message via Livechat (we don't surcharge over 3x, however our website definitely will...)

    *Internal Colour (inc. Cast Guards)

The Original Caged Ranch Outdoor Wall Light

The Original Caged Ranch Outdoor Wall Light is a stylish and durable option for your outdoor lighting needs. Made from high-quality aluminium, this light is built to last and withstand the elements, ensuring longevity and reliability.

With a range of colours to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your home’s exterior aesthetic. From classic black to sleek silver, there’s something for every style and taste.

Not only is this light aesthetically pleasing, but it also has an IP55 rating, providing protection against dust and water. This means you can install it in any outdoor setting without worrying about damage or wear over time.

But don’t just take our word for it – try out The Original Caged Ranch Outdoor Wall Light for yourself and see the difference it makes in your outdoor space. With its informative and friendly tone, this style guide aims to promote our products and values, creating a personal connection with our audience. We believe in our products and their ability to enhance your home’s exterior while providing durability and reliability.

So why wait? Upgrade your outdoor lighting today with The Original Caged Ranch Outdoor Wall Light – made to last and impress. So don’t wait any longer, experience the difference for yourself and transform your outdoor space into a stylish yet functional area with The Original Caged Ranch Outdoor Wall Light.


Product CodeShade Size (Diameter)Overall WidthOverall ProjectionOverall HeightOverall Weight

Please Note:

  • Standard Wall Backing Plate & selected Gooseneck Arm are coated in your selected finish.
  • Dimensions are shown using the “SG16 – Standard Gooseneck” pre-selected on the product page.
  • All Dimensions are rounded up to the nearest Centimeter.
Our Shipping & Despatch Timeline

For products “in-stock”, we generally ship the following business day. The general rule for online order is “two weeks lead-time”. ie. You’ve decided to purchase a product in a custom (ie. Monument Satin) powdercoat colour. We’d take about 3-4 days to process your custom order, then despatch using Australia Post. For anywhere within Australia, this process takes approximately two weeks prior to delivery. 

Free shipping is provided by Australia Post. Transit Times from Carrum Downs, VIC does not include manufacturing time (if required). Express Post is available at an additional surcharge based on the product price (15%) shown at the checkout page.

State – Despatching from VIC, 3201Estimated Delivery (Business Days)
VIC2-3 Days
NSW / ACT2-3 Days
QLD2-5 Days
TAS2-4 Days
SA2-3 Days
WA4-5 Days
NT4-6 Days
New Zealand8-12 Days (Major Metro)

Our Warranties

As an Industrial Lighting Manufacturer, we’re certain our products will exceed warranties published. We have some understandable exclusions however expect the best from our lighting products and you should too.

Three (3) years from the date of purchase; where the,

  • Lighting utilised in a residential setting (House / Home / Unit).
  • Lighting installed in the correct Location Rating as certified.
  • Lighting powder-coated in Dulux Electro Powder Coat or “Coastal Colours” as defined

Two (2) years from the date of purchase; where,

  • Where Lighting is used in a commercial settings (Restaurant / Public Space / High-Traffic).
  • Any component of the Good is powder-coated in anything but Dulux Electro powder coat or WS975-GalvanisedDesigned to age.
  • Where any item of the product is situated within 200m from a coastal environment (excluding Coastal Rated Powdercoats).

We offer a 5-Year Warranty for customers opting into our “Photo Review” program. For information on how to apply for this program, please contact us.

Swapping Products & Components

Our ability as a manufacturer is to supply you with options, far exceeding your local lighting store. Have you purchased a wall light, and would have loved it to be a pendant instead, or decided it was too big on first impressions and needed to downsize? We can offer you this service, and a touch more. We offer no charge to down-size the shade, however charge the cost of the difference (ie $20) plus freight incurred by us as a courtesy. Hardware, components and similar products are charged as a proverbial (and nominal) cost. Need to know more? Contact us!

Returns & Credits

Barn Light provides a generous 90-day refund or 180 day exchange for change of mind purchase. Over 90-days and within 180-Days, we offer a credit for the same value.

Read our Return Policy


Product Information
Product Code (Base)AU-G19A-WHS
BrandBarn Light Australia
Country of OriginAustralian Made
Manufactured FromHand-Spun Aluminum, Die-Cast Aluminium, Extruded Aluminium, Glass
Technical / Electrical
Mounting TypeWall Mounted
IP RatingIP55 – Coastal Rated
Max Wattage60W Max
Input VoltageAC ~ 220V / 50Hz
LampholderE27 / ES / Edison Screw
Dimmable?Yes – Use LED Dimmer
Bulb Supplied?No – Optional
Total Bulbs1x
Need Help?

We’re available to assist you in your lighting selection, and you’ll be talking to a real person, (not a chatbot).

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Jesse & Mel are amazing people - the best outdoor lighting and vintage lighting company in Melbourne.
Really happy with the service I got over the phone before ordering and amazed that they arrived within a week all the way to Perth! Thank you guys, Aussie companies like this are the best! Will post more photos when they are wired up but here they are mounted.
I just love these Barn Lights, and just ordered the 7th one for around the outside of the house. The service matches the quality of the product! Great job guys. Sue
Amazing lights! We love everything from the craftsmanship to the look of the lights! Thank you barn light for our amazing lights!!
I bought the ‘Streamline Flared Wall Light’ for use in the Dandenong Ranges. I wanted a light that looks the part, which it does, and a product that was built to stand up to the weather for a long time which it looks like it will. Solid construction and well weather protected.
Fabulous purchasing experience and customer service. From choosing the style and colour through to the delivery nothing was too much trouble. Products are withstanding extreme weather, high winds and rain. Definitely recommend Jesse and Mel for their knowledge, patience and assistance.

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Frequently Answered Questions

The Backing Plate

Measured (LxWxH) is 450mm x 150mm x 3mm.

What Bolts are Supplied?

We supply 4x 10mm x 40mm Coach Screw Bolts with Hex Headsper unit. 4x Hex Heads are powder coated the same colour as your backing plate, please ensure you use a ratchet wrench to make the final torque adjustments.

As an installation courtesy, we provide 1x plain Coach Bolt to be used with power tools for drilling and ease of positioning upon installation.

For installations upon masonry, brick, concrete or similar products, you’ll need to supply your own fixings. If you desire your screw heads to match your new Ranch Wall Light – pressure packs can be ordered to match the powdercoat colour.

A recessed installation point is required in order to install the Ranch Wall Light flush upon your wall. 

Entryways. Entryway lighting plays a crucial role in setting the tone for your home’s interior. It not only offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, but also ensures safety and function. Choosing the right combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting elements will transform your entryway into an elegant and welcoming space for guests and residents alike. The use of our G19 in those respective areas will provide not only ambient lighting, but also an entryway of grandeur unlike any which are accustomed.

The Ranch’s rustic curvatures adds a retro aesthetic to your classic or modern décor and are built to last in the Australian Outdoors.

Brick Pills are now able to be decorated with our Ranch Outdoor Wall Lights – A seeming blessing for those of us with decorative pillars (or gates!) can now benefit on receiving a welcoming illumination during the darker months by integrating upon the same circuit that operates your gates. Lights “at the click of a button” doesn’t get more fancy than that!.

A wall light at your front door or porch will welcome visitors. Outdoor lighting, can be used to highlight feature walls on your outside deck or to brighten your approach home, and lastly provides a sense of grandeur without the costs involved!

The overall projection of each shade is available on the product page however it should be noted that the smallest projection will be 52cm from the wall, (Atomic Industrial Caged Ranch Outdoor Light) to the largest (76cm) Original Ranch Outdoor Light we have on offer.

The Ranch Range of Wall Lighting is designed to be large as the sheer bulk of the backing plate is supposed to look grandeur. Considering how we measure our projections? Review our FAQ on Projections here: How far do you want the light to project out from the wall?

All of our Ranch Lighting is rated for outdoor use to a minimum of IP44

We pride ourselves on manufacturing for Australian Weather Conditions, we’re also vested in quality more than price-points meaning you can be certain its installed once. Our Ranch is (TIG) fully welded to ensure no water ingress is possible, further our standard range of warehouse shades come with all the gaskets you’d require to make it waterproof (from rain!) at IP44.

If you’re installing lights in an area that is subject to severe weather conditions such as coastal environments, firstly choose from our range of  coastal-rated powdercoat colours (such as Black Ace/Flat White) to ensure an enduring finish for all weather types. You won’t need anything more than silicon (and the sparkie!)

Secondly, Need a Higher IP rating? Consider our “Caged Ranch” IP55 Rated Lighting Outdoor Lighting accessory to use in water-prone areas. Ideal for exterior locations with minor splashing, gales, and storms ;)

I want something big, something to shows my status as a farmer, industrialist, and frankly my person” ~ A USA customer requesting the First “Ranch” – Then called the “Husky/Rodeo” Wall Light.

While there are many reasons to consider a Ranch Wall Light, first and foremost its the largest style of fixture we manufacture that doesn’t require an additional wall support – secondly, these Ranch light fixtures is built to last – We’re building on quality.

Thirdly, whether you’re looking to add a touch of rustic charm to your home or need a reliable light fixture for your ranch or barn, this wall light is the perfect choice to add some grandeur to your entryway or Stables.

There is something for everyone in our range of antique and industrial themed wall lights, which will fit in both classic and modern decors designs.

Achieve the perfect outdoor lighting with a gooseneck fixture, creating depth and dimension by extending and projecting light both onto but also away from the wall. Pair this with the right shade to highlight specific features of your choosing, such as a pathway, steps, signage, or signage. At BarnLight.AU, we focus on three main aspects for our gooseneck lighting – material selection, projection, and available accessories like IP rating.

Firstly – When selecting a wall light, it’s important to consider the materials and where it will be installed. Do you need a high-performance powder coat for coastal environments, or will the fixture be installed in a protected area around your home, leaving more options for bright colours?

At BarnLight.AU, we offer a range of quality outdoor-specific coatings that can be found under our “Shop by Colour” category, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you’re looking for classic black outdoor lights or “Coastal Hamptons” style lighting, we have a wide selection to choose from. Trust BarnLight.AU for all your wall lighting needs!

Secondly – Consider the headroom and projection of the lights. Is someone likely to throw open that front screen door and damage the light, or likely to walk past and get “goosenecked”? Our Projection page to help you understand the most ideal positioning when purchasing. If you’ve got questions please feel free to contact us and we’ll be delighted to help.

Thirdly – If you are truly costal, or at least love the style of our cast and guard combination – consider which guard and glass combination is right for you. If you don’t need the glass, you can choose to install it and consider the IP44 rating to be suitable for your usage.

Lastly – The gracefully curved arm of our gooseneck light adds a touch of retro charm to any classic or modern décor, while being built to withstand all outdoor conditions. Indoors, it can be used to highlight artwork on walls, illuminate cabinets, or provide a soft focus lighting for kitchen countertops and office workstations. Keep in mind that just because you see a product image doesn’t mean it can’t be customized to fit your unique needs. At Barn Light, we are manufacturers, not importers, which means we can help you create the perfect lighting solution tailored to your preferences instead of limiting you to off-the-shelf options.

At BarnLight.AU, we stand out from our competitors by offering modular lighting options that give you the flexibility and customization you desire for your unique lighting needs. Unlike other companies that may limit your choices to off-the-shelf solutions, we understand that every space is different and requires a personalized approach. An example is our “Shop by Shade” Page – Every light shown on those pages can be manufactured into “something else”. ie Gooseneck to Ranch, to Pendant, to Chain Hung Lights

Our modular lighting system allows you to mix and match various components, such as shades, arms, and finishes, to create a one-of-a-kind light fixture tailored specifically to your preferences and requirements. This level of customization ensures that your lighting not only looks great but also functions optimally in your space. If you’ve been disappointed with “black, black, and more black” – know that we can offer a bright yellow, through to reds, greens, and so much more than just Black. 

Another advantage of our modular approach is the ease of maintenance and adaptability over time. Should you need to replace or upgrade any component of your light fixture, you can do so without having to replace the entire unit. This saves both time and money while also minimizing waste. For examples, ordered the wrong “size” shade or find that its just too small? We can offer to send you a replacement shade without requiring a complete return of parts (RMAs, Electrician’s reports, Postage ETC) that you’d expect to do everywhere else.

Furthermore, BarnLight.AU’s modular lighting options cater to various styles, including classic, modern, industrial, and coastal themes, ensuring that there is a perfect combination for every customer. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, paired with our dedication to providing exceptional customer service, guarantees that you’ll be satisfied with your custom lighting solution.

In summary, BarnLight.AU’s modular lighting options set us apart from our competitors by offering unparalleled customization, adaptability, and a wide variety of styles to choose from. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust BarnLight.AU to deliver the perfect lighting solution for your space.

How far should a light project off my wall?

In which direction do you want your light to shine? Barn Lights are typically customisable to fit light to arm, the obvious limitations of our Ranch Lighting range is that all are “pre-bent” and welded, thus our standard offering is rather stock. The projection from the wall being a consistent 46cm before adding our warehouse, atomic, or sign lights to the arm. If you are looking at a smaller plate, or size of the arm – do contact us and we can organise a special run to suit your needs.

Why just one arm? Frankly it comes down to adequate proportions. Anything too small with a large shade looks “cheap & tacky” per our designers, and anything small on a large gooseneck looks “comical and unnecessary”. As our best selling products are typically within 30cm to 50cm in diameter, its our standard “run of the mill” making customers happy size. 

Now if you design for a purpose, you can safely ignore the experts – We can offer to create an adequately sized plate to your specifications, just contact us.

We offers a large variety of mounting options to suit any space and installation requirement. Our fixtures can be installed on the ceiling, walls, poles, or even mounted directly onto your properties brick pillars. Any option made available in our Ranch range is available in our standard range of Gooseneck Barn Lights, Cord Pendants, Chain Hung Pendants and much more. See our shop page for more mounting options

At BarnLight.AU, we understand the importance of quality light fixtures for our customers. We know that a good light fixture not only illuminates a space but also sets the tone for the entire room. That’s why we offer a wide range of high-quality light fixtures designed to meet your unique lighting needs.

When you buy from BarnLight.AU, you can trust that you are investing in a product that is built to last. Our light fixtures are made from durable aluminium material, powdercoated in quality Dulux finishes designed withstand the toughest weather conditions, making our Ranch Lighting ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you are looking for a classic or modern look, our selection of fixtures is sure to exceed your expectations.

Our customers value the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into every light fixture. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, and our customers can trust that every fixture is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards. From the design to the final product, we take great care to ensure that our fixtures are both functional and stylish.

In short, buying quality light fixtures from BarnLight.AU is important to our customers because they can trust that they are investing in a durable, stylish product that is built to last. With our commitment to quality and exceptional customer service, we make it easy for our customers to find the perfect fixture for any space.

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