The Original

The Original™ Gooseneck Lights have been popular for exterior lighting as far back as early industrial warehouses. The shape of the dome and gooseneck offer that retro style to add design features to your exterior wall or doorway, and sits well in a contemporary setting. 

barn light 30cm original warehouse shade large |

Small Original


Our 30cm Original Warehouse Shade features a long neckline with banded hard edges. The shade is proportionately taller of the Original family and designed to invoke a sense of industrial, warehouse styling.

barn light 40cm original warehouse shade large |

Medium Original (Most Popular!)

Code Height: Diameter:
WHS40 20cm 40cm

Our first product & our best selling warehouse shade.

The neck size of the 40cm shade is slightly shorter proportionately than that of its body. This helps to increase the diameter of the shade whilst creating prominence.

50cm Original Warehouse Shade

Large Original

Code Height: Diameter:
WHS50 25cm 50cm

The silhouette of the 50cm shade creates an impression of looking wider while retaining an air of prominence. The shape of the shade to the rim is slightly rounded compared to the 40cm version, however uses the same 40cm neckline.

Fun Fact – The neck is machine spun from our 40cm Shades whilst the shade is finished off a wooden tooling chuck (which is why its curved!)


Black Warehouse Shade on Stem Pendant

Massive Original (Hand-Spun!)


Our 60cm Hand-Spun Original takes the form of a giant. Proportionally blowing all of our other models out of the water. Its the FEATURE of any design you might be looking for.

Fun Fact – The cost of 1x 60cm shade exceeds the cost of all three shade models combined due to the labour required. We consider the turn around time of six weeks on average to receive 25 pieces. 

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  • Sale! barn light 30cm original post mount light black ace |

    The Original Outdoor Post Mount

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    $405.00 AUD
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  • Sale! 40cm original chain hung pendant black ace canopy |

    The Original Chain Hung Barn Pendant

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    $268.00 AUD
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  • Sale! Stem Pendant Light in Black

    The Original Stem Pendant

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    $253.00 AUD
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  • Sale! 40cm original cord pendant black ace canopy |

    The Original Cord Pendant

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  • Sale! Original Black Factory Wall Light

    The Original Farmhouse Wall Light

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    $321.00 AUD
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  • Sale! Black Industrial Wall Light on Gooseneck Mounting

    The Original Gooseneck Barn Light

    $343.00 AUD
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How we create our "The Original"

The Process

We’re all about creation, design, expertise. We create the lighting that you want to invest in. Zero rust, Zero upkeep. All Quality.

The Blanks
Circles are hand-cut from a sheet of 2mm Aluminium Alloy. Warren (Our Metalspinner) calls these circles "Flat Pack Barn Lights". He also thinks he's funny.
The Tooling (50cm/60cm)
A large tool is added to the spinning lathe - The circles are slowly pushed onto the "chuck/tool" and a whole lot of grunting occurs whilst the metal is slowly formed.
Taking Shape (of the 40cm neck!)
The first part of spinning our 50cm & 60cm shades is done on steel tooling, you can see the basis of "The Original" in each of these blanks.
The Final Product
As the spinnings come to life, a whole lot more is accomplished. The bead you'll recognise is trimmed and finally rolled into itself. A small amount of time, sweat, grease, and smoke and its ready for cleaning
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