Explore the newest tips, trends, and best practices in barn lighting for 2023! Our expert guide illuminates the ideal solutions for your barn lighting needs. Discover the latest insights and optimize your Barn Lighting for maximum impact.

As the sun sets and the evening drapes the clouds, the allure of well-designed barn lighting is undeniable. A renaissance is taking place in the world of Barn Lighting, where traditional charm harmoniously meets vintage lighting technologies, and a quality to outlast the cheapest of imports.

Whether you’re a city slicker, sea-change, or out-in-the-outback in search of rustic charm, our guide should serve as your illuminating guiding light for the latest tips, trends, and finest approaches to Barn Lighting.

The Trends

Eco Friendly Illumination - aka. Climate Crisis

In a world where sustainability seems as crucial as oxygen, it comes as no surprise that Ecology is no longer just a “Trend”.

Placing a high-priority on eco-friendly solutions in 2023 – Manufacturing standards have increased in Energy Efficiency, like how the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHers) set minimum standards in 2022. Certain ecology standards need to be set and expectations accommodating with the rising cost of electricity. Barn Lights don’t escape this reality – The standard has been set.

Long gone are the days of the energy-guzzling incandescent bulbs that emit a harsh, unpleasant glow and inevitably fizzle out in the blink of an eye. Thanks to advancements in technology, we now have an array of efficient, longer-lasting lighting options that not only save energy but also offer a more soothing and pleasing light quality. The choice between “standard” LED Bulb Options (like those from VintageLED.com.au) to fully-integrated LED modules from CREE, we’ve got a solution for you.

Today, conscientious home owners are embracing innovative LED lighting options that not only provide an inviting ambience but also significantly reduce energy consumption. With these progressive advancements, Barns & Homes alike can now shine brightly without compromising our planet’s well-being. 🌍💡.

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Shown in WS975-Galvanised in Full Weather - A truly outdoor designed light!
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    The Old Dixie Ranch Outdoor Wall Light

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Solar Barn Lighting

Moreover, solar-powered lighting solutions are stepping into the spotlight for barn and property owners who utilize the sun’s power to illuminate their spaces. Integrating solar panels into a building’s design discreetly ensures a renewable and cost-effective energy source. Opting for eco-friendly lighting options transcends trends; it represents a responsible choice for the future, and that of our Children’s future.

While we’ve been experimenting with Solar for the last twelve months, unfortunately delays associated with Battery & Solar Cell manufacturing (note: Solar Panels are in high supply, smaller models are not) have put a small dent in our research ability. The good news is that with larger than anticipated customer enquiries, we’re well on the way to produce scale models this coming Summer season.


Old Barn with Bright Red Post Mount Light
Our Post Mounted Outdoor Lighting Fixtures will be the first to receive a solar kit - expecting to run on 5-7 Amp Hours during Summer Months, and 3-4 Hours in Winter Months.

In addition, modern light fixtures are continuously evolving to embrace eco-conscious materials, promoting sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. With their sleek, minimalistic aesthetics, these fixtures beautifully complement the signature rustic charm of our Barn Lighting, creating a harmonious blend of style and environmental consciousness.

Local Manufacturing - Carbon Credits?

Whilst Australia might be the midst of a recession and inflation prohibiting significant research, we can attest to “local first” being a definite example of environmental pursuit than imported products. While I personally remain weary, the growing trend of Designers pursuing Australian Made Lighting for a variety of reasons has reassured us that manufacturing Barn Lights here in Australia is the best way forward.

The attempt to minimise in Carbon emissions (cargo ships), replacement of inefficient (but cheap) manufacturing methods, modern slavery legislation, and the limited selection of outdoor/coastal rated colours appear to be significant concerns for Designers and specifiers in 2023.

Given the nature of consumerism for the past three decades, the trend to buy “Quality First” appears to be a positive outlook for Australian Lighting manufacturers like Elletra Products, Barn Light, and many more like Barn Light Australia.

Smart Barn Lights? What's the Benefit?

Barn Lighting has evolved beyond simply illuminating spaces in 2023 – Now the seamless integration of smart technology to enhance functionality provides unparalleled convenience. This marriage (of convenience yet,) of tradition and technology has sparked a revolution in how Barns and Outdoor spaces are illuminated by the average customer – offering customisation, control, efficiency, and a truly futuristic experience. 

LED - Network Connected Smartbulbs

queenslander styled home lighting |
Dusk to Dawn Photocells or Google Home?!
Screenshot 20231002 152740 Home |

Automated Lighting Systems

Imagine a world where your Barn Light can automatically adjust according to the time of day or human/animal presence. Well, this isn’t just a figment of anyone’s imagination; automated lighting systems have made this a reality! 

These systems are programmed to turn on and off at specific times, e.g. dusk to dawn lights, or respond to motion sensors, ensuring that your Barn or Building is well-illuminated only when needed and secure.

Sensor Lighting

One of our most requested features after Solar, the good old sensor light that would typically blind you upon approach if you were too slow to look down at night. Whilst we have never sold sensors, we’ve always kept upto date with lighting solutions much like the ones we use ourselves!

The standard sensors integrated into smart LED bulbs are typically dusk-to-dawn/photocells, however most relying upon time and timezone information from the internet to define operating time.

The second most popular are motion sensors – think stairwell lights intergrated into the bulb itself. The major drawback is that these “lights” actually have lesser light output (to accommodate the sensor) or otherwise become too bulky to justify inside a nice Barn Light.

Google Home / Alexa / Siri? - Hey Everyone!

Quinn's Room Clock

Turn the Lights on, Red, 50% (Time for Bed)
At 7pm, Turn the Outdoor Lights on Orange.
At 7am, Play "Happy" at 10%, Turn the Light on yellow at 20%.
"When Dad's Asleep - Play Hamish & Andy Podcast on Spotify"

00 A60NightvisionAUE27bulbpackhero 1100x |

You’d think we’d be watching Star Trek’s latest episode before running that script. Alas, that our Son’s morning wakeup routine courtesy for LIFX’s Smart LED Bulbs – Why am I telling you this? Because it’s not only on trend, we actually use these ourselves.

Essential Tips & Best Practices

Evaluate your Lighting Requirements.

Before choosing your desired light fixtures, assess the specific needs of your home or property. While we might acknowledge that not all Barn Lights solve every design issue, it is far easier to write your requirements such as shade style, mounting, and colour onto a post-it-note than reconsider your kitchen choices once you find the ideal light in that “right for you” colour.

Consider your Colour Choices – Not everything needs to be Black

Using different colours to brighten a room up can be a great way to incorporate a personal touch into any space. Bright and bold colours, such as bright blues, reds, and greens, can definitely add add visual interest and makes for a refreshing addition. Alternatively, lighter shades of these same colours can provide subtle accents that work well with existing decor.

For example; using Lexicon Quarter, Flat White, Pearl White, Natural White as differing colour schemes to alleviate the standard “Ceiling White” all over within the room.

Incorporating colour into furniture pieces and accessories like artwork or rugs can also be an effective way to tie the room together and its becoming increasingly popular from a designers persepective to create with colour not the standard Black/White/Timber reno.

greenappleid dual arm emblem sign light |
Our Dual Arm Emblem Sign Light in Haymes Paints Geranium

Environmental Impact – Today’s Problem

Its of little consequence that most people buy from their local Lighting shop, evidentially for the be your best dollar value, the downside is the origin of these Lights is murky at best, and black at worst. You could take a punt that your money is going overseas to a place without enviromental laws, lax labour laws, unhealthy manufacturing processes, and far more ability to axe the cost of product manufacturing.

That little, yet local lighting store becomes a little more hazardous.

We could tell you all the bullet points about why we’re better (see: Australian Made Lighting) however realisatically we’re looking at Lighting Trends in this article, and ultimately you deciding if being on-trend is what you’d like to achieve.

new copper black ace wesco duotone |
New Copper Internal, Black Ace External
Perfect for Kitchen Island Bench Lighting!

Consider your Colour Choices – Part II

Barn Light has a great Duotone Colour selection to suit any style and decor. With its unique two-tone finish, this colour range is perfect for creating a visually interesting, modern look. 

The metals in Barn Light’s duotone collection come in pseudo brass, copper and silver finishes. Each of these metallics powdercoats offers an interesting contrast between the warm tones of the metal and the cool shades of the colour blown over it. The Duotone collection also includes timeless black & white combined with other pastel colours, (including Colorbond®!) and metallics.

When choosing a duotone from Barn Light, you have many options for the combination of colour and metal you can choose from. If you want something classic and timeless, then choose one of our traditional metal Tiberius Finish with Black Exterior Or if you want to make more of a statement, pair one of our bright metallic tones with a bolder shade New Copper with Monument Matt to break the cycle of Black/White.

Natural Illumination – Don’t foresake it for LED Down Lights.

Natural lighting is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Natural light helps to regulate the body’s circadian rhythm, which in turn affects mood and energy levels. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light results in greater productivity and improved overall wellbeing.

In addition, natural lighting can also provide more efficient illumination compared to LED lights, as they do not require electricity and will never need to be replaced. For these reasons, don’t forsake Natural Light for LED Down Lights; instead make sure you let nature take its course!

jesse and melinda portrait |
We're here to support your lighting choices
and advise as if it were our own home!

Consult the Experts in Barn Lighting!

Jesse and Mel, the founders of Barn Light Australia, have been in the lighting design industry for over 10 years. With their combined expertise in architectural and industrial design they bring an unparalleled level of skill to every project they take on. They are passionate about bringing out the best in any space with custom lighting solutions that meet both form and function. Their designs are rooted in the latest LED technology and can bring even the most complex visions to life. Choose Barn Light Australia for your next home or commercial project!

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