SG16 Sconce Gooseneck Arm | 37cm Projection

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Small Wall Light Arm


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The SG16 Sconce Gooseneck Arm is manufactured by Barn Light Australia 25mm x 3mm Wall Thickness Structural Aluminium (6060-T591) sourced from local Australian suppliers. Using our pipe-threader we create a clean thread that will be used to affix our hex-coupler base or atomic cap to hold the lighting fixture and more importantly, keep our electrical wiring safe and secure from the elements.

Pipe bending is completed using in-house staff operating our hydraulic pipe bender designed with three different shoe sizes (formers) that create bends in a 15cm radius. This aluminium we use is extremely soft prior to bending, enabling us to create a very tight bend, using thicker material that ensures it doesn’t crack under pressure. The SG16 Sconce Gooseneck Arm is supplied with a 25mm Wall Backing Plate and Fixing Hardware to install onto your mounting surface. We include an aptly named “Adaptor Bracket” that permits you to mount our lighting onto any surface (concrete, timber, brick etc). Screws are coated in the same finish as ordered. If you need to install to a brick, or similar solid wall – consider using our Heavy Duty Wall Backing Plate that will permit conduit installation alongside the wall.

What is the difference between the SG16 and G15?

The SG16 Sconce Gooseneck allows us to bend a 10cm Radius as the aluminium hardens whilst being bent. The SG16 will “nest” underneath the G15 as it is considerably tighter of a bend radius. The G15 Gooseneck Arm has the smallest arm bend (15cm Radius) that we can create using standard, off-the-shelf aluminium alloy in the size we require. What’s a better product? They are identical once fabrication has been completed, thus the only real question is “how close do you want it off the wall” – PG12 -> SG16 -> G15 being the logical answer.

Why is it called a “Sconce Gooseneck”?

A long time ago a designer requested as “smaller vintage light” with a “fat gooseneck” and whilst it wasn’t possible with the tooling we had, we did go the extra mile. We sourced a new aluminium standard from our local suppliers (where we now buy “tonnage”), and tooling from the USA to create this “Sconce Gooseneck” – Why “Sconce”? Its a tighter fit onto your wall, however doesn’t meet our internal standard of what someone might call a wall sconce (30cm or lesser). Until recently, we’ve sold the SG16 Sconce Gooseneck Arm as our standard product offering for all Gooseneck Wall Lights – We now have a PG12 – Petite Gooseneck Arm to provide customers even tighter installations than ever before.

Height Width Projection (Overall)
20cm (From Mounting Point) 12cm (Wall Backing Plate)
25mm (Outside Pipe Diameter)
37cm + 3cm Hardware (40cm)
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