Black Modern styled Wall Light. Shown with Curved Black Mounting Arm
Black Modern styled Wall Light. Shown with Curved Black Mounting Arm Black Gooseneck Light on White Weatherboards Photo provided by Jodi B Seaworld 33cm_old_dixie_gooseneck_wall_light_black_g22_large_gooseneck 43cm_old_dixie_gooseneck_wall_light_black_sg16_sconce_arm 43cm_old_dixie_gooseneck_wall_light_black_g22_large_gooseneck 43cm Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light 43cm Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light 43cm Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light 33cm Old Dixie Gooseneck SG16 in Black Ace Photo provided by Nicole barnlightau_12677463_174535419588795_1776961452_n 33cm_old_dixie_gooseneck_barn_light_on_rusted_sincalume_panels_rustic_lead_glass_windows mable_projects_33cm_old_dixie_gooseneck_at_dusk 28cm_old_dixie_gooseneck_wall_light_black_ace_front_entryway_door_christmas_wreath_daytime

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The Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light

  • Old Dixie Shade Sizes

    The smallest Old Dixie

    Our 28cm Old Dixie was developed to show a condensed version of our 43cm Warehouse Shade. A busier looking warehouse shade with cascading steps that reminds you of soft waterfalls. If you are looking for a petite shade with style, this shallow bowl lighting style allows for decorative bulbs being shown at their brightest.

    Our (al)most Popular Size

    The middle child of our Old Dixie family. Our 33cm warehouse shade is our most popular style of the Old Dixie, almost squarely sold equally with our 43cm Warehouse Shade. A less busier version than our 28cm, the 33's decorative, cascading neckline shows the bottom (valley) banding quite prominently. If you are looking at our 43cm Shade and thinking that it's too big, and that our 28cm, too small - This is the gooseneck shade for you. Also allows for decorative bulbs being shown almost under the shade rim.

    Our Largest Size

    The largest of our Old Dixie family. Our 43cm warehouse shade is our largest of the Old Dixie. A larger dome than most of shades, our 43cm has two prominent bands around the top with a bottom (valley) banding quite prominently. Our 43cm Gooseneck is designed for the Garage and larger areas. Decorative bulbs being shown completely recessed within the shade.

  • Goosenecks


    Our PG12 Gooseneck Arm is very small - Its petite enough for us to justify it as part of our "Wall Light" range. If you purchase the smallest shade, the PG12 will be suitable, if you buy anything else - we'll likely give you a call to find a solution for your space. What does it look like? The PG12 looks exactly like our SG16, with a tighter bend radius, and smaller diameter pipe (20mm vs. 25mm). The projection of the arm is 30cm; the height is roughly 15cm tall. Need to know how projection works? 

    Please ask your electrician what size conduit is being run (20mm / 25mm), and the orientation of the conduit.
    Whilst looking directly at your new light on your wall, identify what side the conduit will be coming from, into the Heavy Duty Backing Plate

  • Popular
    Colorbond® & Colours

    *[DLQ] - Dulux Lexicon Quarter

    Lexicon® Quarter has a cool, fresh, modern appearance, particularly when applied to walls and trims. This finish will provide a seamless up-to-date style to your home, extending that look, feel, and style using a Barn Light ;). Powdercoat is a different product to paint, not all powdercoats look like paints, and the variance in satins, gloss levels, and matte level vary dramatically.

    *WS975-Galvanised Appendum

    WS975-Galvanised is a premium, hand-painted finish manufactured from quality fine metallic paints and Acrylic Etch Primers designed to age with the building and surrounds. You'll be probably asking yourself, "Is it Steel?". The answer is NO, it is not. Its hand-dabbed automotive quality paint formula, sprayed by our employees.

    1. This paint/finish is expensive - 8Ltrs of this formula costs $800.
    2. We haven't changed paint formulation since 2014, and we've got this finish installed at Seaworld (yes, that one) for the past 10 years.
    3. We don't keep stock - All parts needs to be batched. The pattern changes subtly based on the operator.
    4. Leadtimes vary a touch more than usual due to the labour required to achieve this finish.

    By checking this box, you acknowledge that Warranties are limited to two-years from the date of purchase for this finish, as aging is a desired effect.

    Order Colour Swatches | Shop by Colour

    All Duotone Pricing is +$49.

    *External Colour (inc. Hardware & Mounting)

    Match your unique colour scheme by customising the external and internal colours and their appearances. See more about Duotones
    If you intend to purchase 3x+ of any product in duotone, please contact us or message via Livechat (we don't surcharge over 3x, however our website definitely will...)

    *Internal Colour (inc. Cast Guards)

  • Tear Drop (ST64)
    Globe Style (G95)

    For Soft Atmospheres

    Frosted G95 Bulbs - These bulbs provide a diffused light, making these bulbs ideal for bedrooms, kitchen island benches, entryways, and places otherwise touched in the evening.

    For Optimum Colour

    3000K Bulbs (Clear or Frosted) - These will provide a neutral light, uneffected by the yellow colouring (2200/2700K), thus are ideal for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Garages, and similar areas that require adequate lighting and colour rendering.

The Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light

The Old Dixie provides a classic rustic charm courtesy of it cascading style, bringing old-school style that complement classic and contemporary décor. Its rounded curves spread the light broadly and evenly off the inside of the bell, enabling you to fill a large space with light from a small number of these gorgeous Barn Lights. Though our quality craftsmanship, the Old Dixie makes for a long-lasting feature in outdoor conditions.

Old Dixie - The history of a modern Barn Light

The Old Dixie warehouse shade is considered to be a "modern" typed Warehouse shade by Barn Light. Why so? Well a long centaury or two ago the costs associated with manufacturing hard-edged, detailed lighting shades was unaffordable to the average person. Most lighting fixtures from this era provide very little in way of detail (check The Original Barn Light as an example!) due to the use of either wooden molds or untreated steel molds - any hard-edged or concave designs that featured would wear away as more shades were spun. This provided little value to the metalspinner who would then need to create more tooling. Our Old Dixie tooling is made from heat-treated steel that was once designed to spin steel porcelain enamel shades. These days we strictly spin aluminium providing an environmentally conscious process that extends our shade life and ensures every Old Dixie is identical. We've been spinning this shade since 2014 (Australia) and from 2008 (USA). This designs compliments most styles and the shape, contour, dimples, and concave features of the Old Dixie Barn Light now provide a more "modern" twist on an beloved style. Extending upon our style, our 28cm Old Dixie was released in 2023.

Product CodeShade Size (Diameter)Overall WidthOverall ProjectionOverall HeightOverall Weight

Please Note:

  • Standard Wall Backing Plate & selected Gooseneck Arm are coated in your selected finish.
  • Dimensions are shown using the “SG16 – Standard Gooseneck” pre-selected on the product page.
  • All Dimensions are rounded up to the nearest Centimeter.
Our Shipping & Despatch Timeline

For products “in-stock”, we generally ship the following business day. The general rule for online order is “two weeks lead-time”. ie. You’ve decided to purchase a product in a custom (ie. Monument Satin) powdercoat colour. We’d take about 3-4 days to process your custom order, then despatch using Australia Post. For anywhere within Australia, this process takes approximately two weeks prior to delivery. 

Free shipping is provided by Australia Post. Transit Times from Carrum Downs, VIC does not include manufacturing time (if required). Express Post is available at an additional surcharge based on the product price (15%) shown at the checkout page.

State – Despatching from VIC, 3201 Estimated Delivery (Business Days)
VIC 2-3 Days
NSW / ACT 2-3 Days
QLD 2-5 Days
TAS 2-4 Days
SA 2-3 Days
WA 4-5 Days
NT 4-6 Days
New Zealand 8-12 Days (Major Metro)

Our Warranties

As an Industrial Lighting Manufacturer, we’re certain our products will exceed warranties published. We have some understandable exclusions however expect the best from our lighting products and you should too.

Three (3) years from the date of purchase; where the,

  • Lighting utilised in a residential setting (House / Home / Unit).
  • Lighting installed in the correct Location Rating as certified.
  • Lighting powder-coated in Dulux Electro Powder Coat or “Coastal Colours” as defined

Two (2) years from the date of purchase; where,

  • Where Lighting is used in a commercial settings (Restaurant / Public Space / High-Traffic).
  • Any component of the Good is powder-coated in anything but Dulux Electro powder coat or WS975-GalvanisedDesigned to age.
  • Where any item of the product is situated within 200m from a coastal environment (excluding Coastal Rated Powdercoats).

We offer a 5-Year Warranty for customers opting into our “Photo Review” program. For information on how to apply for this program, please contact us.

Swapping Products & Components

Our ability as a manufacturer is to supply you with options, far exceeding your local lighting store. Have you purchased a wall light, and would have loved it to be a pendant instead, or decided it was too big on first impressions and needed to downsize? We can offer you this service, and a touch more. We offer no charge to down-size the shade, however charge the cost of the difference (ie $20) plus freight incurred by us as a courtesy. Hardware, components and similar products are charged as a proverbial (and nominal) cost. Need to know more? Contact us!

Returns & Credits

Barn Light provides a generous 90-day refund or 180 day exchange for change of mind purchase. Over 90-days and within 180-Days, we offer a credit for the same value.

Read our Return Policy


Product Information
Product Code (Base) AU-G-WHB
Brand Barn Light Australia
Country of Origin Australian Made
Manufactured From Hand-Spun Aluminum, Die-Cast Aluminium, Extruded Aluminium
Technical / Electrical
Mounting Type Wall Mounted
IP Rating IP44 – Outdoor Rated
Max Wattage 100W Max
Input Voltage AC ~ 220V / 50Hz
Lampholder E27 / ES / Edison Screw
Dimmable? Yes – Use LED Dimmer
Bulb Supplied? No – Optional
Total Bulbs 1x
Need Help?

We’re available to assist you in your lighting selection, and you’ll be talking to a real person, (not a chatbot).

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Barn Light AustraliaExcellentBarn Light Australia5.0 Based on 39 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onChris P.Chris P. ★★★★★ I used Barnlight when I was looking for some quality light fixtures that would set my property apart from the rest. Would definitely recommend. Extremely happy with the result. Service was outstanding throughout.Susan D.Susan D. ★★★★★ I just love these Barn Lights, and just ordered the 7th one for around the outside of the house. The service matches the quality of the product! Great job guys. SueFiona C.Fiona C. ★★★★★ The service was fantastic & we are in love with the effect & finish their amazing lighting has given our home.Jana P.Jana P. ★★★★★ Amazing lights! We love everything from the craftsmanship to the look of the lights! Thank you barn light for our amazing lights!!Andrew B.Andrew B. ★★★★★ I bought the ‘Streamline Flared Wall Light’ for use in the Dandenong Ranges. I wanted a light that looks the part, which it does, and a product that was built to stand up to the weather for a long time which it looks like it will. Solid construction and well weather protected.Tyson Y.Tyson Y. ★★★★★ Amazing products and customer service!!Can't recommend them enoughTony J.Tony J. ★★★★★ Great customer service and product!Brett L.Brett L. ★★★★★ Amazing products and customer service!Shelley R.Shelley R. ★★★★★ Looks amazing! Great service from the team - thanks againJen H.Jen H. ★★★★★ Nigel P.Nigel P. ★★★★★ Fabulous purchasing experience and customer service. From choosing the style and colour through to the delivery nothing was too much trouble. Products are withstanding extreme weather, high winds and rain. Definitely recommend Jesse and Mel for their knowledge, patience and assistance.Michael H.Michael H. ★★★★★ birgit H.birgit H. ★★★★★ Love these lights ... just what I have always wanted.Sage J.Sage J. ★★★★★ Such great high quality products and customer service was second to noneDani T.Dani T. ★★★★★ Jesse and Mel were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when it came to picking the right lights and colour that would compliment the style of our outdoor space. Highly recommend!Lucinda N.Lucinda N. ★★★★★ Amazing customer service and wonderful lights.Response from the ownerThank you Lucinda, greatly appreciated Chris M.Chris M. ★★★★★ Super helpful and friendly service. Jesse was there to assist with questions and product advice while outside of usual business hours, via their online store. Very pleasant to deal with. Great to see (and support) quality local manufacturing. Highly recommend.Paul S.Paul S. ★★★★★ The measure of a business is how they treat customers when a mistake is made. When I went to install my two lights, I realised that there were parts missing. Contacting Barn Light, Mel couldn’t have been more helpful, fixing the error promptly, without drama. It goes without saying that their designs are great & unique in the Aussie market, so I’m sure I’ll be buying from them again in the future!!Nakita B.Nakita B. ★★★★★ The customer service Mel provides is outstanding. I would highly reccomend them to anyone wanting to put quality lighting into their home.FatBlokeFitFatBlokeFit ★★★★★ Jesse and the team provide an exceptional level of product and service. Post sales service is also fantastic. I’ve been dealing with the team for a number of years and have never been disappointed. A rare example in the current business landscape of a business that really cares about their products and their customers. You will not be disappointed dealing with the team at Barnlight at all. Great product, great sales, great after sales service. Buy with confidence.corey G.corey G. ★★★★★ MaxEMaxE ★★★★★ While the Barn Light products are of course visually stunning and of the highest quality, it is rare to also receive such thoughtful and considerate customer service when an issue arises. I was completely overwhelmed by their response and how they helped me so close to Christmas. Jesse and team, I can't thank you enough! And I can't wait to show off my new barn light!Erin J.Erin J. ★★★★★ Perhaps the best customer service in Australia... (no exaggeration).Jesse and the team have been so helpful throughout the buying process. To top it off, the barn lights FAR exceeded my expectations, you can see that this is a quality AUSTRALIAN made product... I almost purchased a similar product from Beacon, and I'm so glad I went with these, they look and feel like quality and I cant wait to hang this 'jewellery' on my house!Christos KChristos K ★★★★★ A huge thanks to Jesse, Melinda and the team at Barn Light Australia. I am very thankful I found you online. This made it so easy to come down and speak to you, get great advice and choose from your huge range. Well actually, it made it harder as you have such an awesome range to choose from in person.What made this an exceptional visit was I got to deal with an Australian owned and made company, which is getting very rare these days. Not to mention that I appreciate the modification that Jesse completed to suit the height of the globes for me.Highly recommend to others, quality is A1 being Australian made, and the look of the of the old Dixie goose neck barn lights look awesome. Thanks again.tara C.tara C. ★★★★★ So happy with our barn light! Excellent quality and incredible feature of being able to customise the paint to any colorbond colour of choice! Great price considering made in Australia and a custom colour!!Response from the ownerThank you for your wonderful review Tara! We're so glad that our Barn Light has been a great addition to your home.We love hearing from customers who have chosen to customise their Barn Light and we hope that this isn't the last time you choose to do so! I'll pass on your pricing feedback and increase our prices shortly 😂. The quality of our product and customer service from all of us here at Barn Light Australia is what we strive for! Kate D.Kate D. ★★★★★ Best service ever. The lights are beautifully made and perfect for our need.Service has been fantastic from initial discussions via phone to help in selection of lighting to order updates and rapid response to questions re best type of globes. Great to see such service from an Aussie business. Thank you team Barn LightsLily D.Lily D. ★★★★★ Jesse at Barn Light was a pleasure to do business with. Efficient, patient and easy to communicate with.I’ll definitely recommend and do business with them againJake C.Jake C. ★★★★★ Excellent customer service! One of the lights in my order was damaged (looked to of happened in transit). I spoke to Melinda and she sorted it out super fast, I received a replacement in a couple of days.The lights look fantastic, they are a quality Australian made product. It is refreshing to deal with a company that stands behind their product the way Barn Light Australia does.Dave I.Dave I. ★★★★★ Easily some of the best quality lighting fixtures available in Australia! The staff at Barnlight have been a delight to deal with and all of our orders have been seamless and timely! Couldn't speak any higher of the product quality and the overall service we've experienced - 5 stars!Manon D.Manon D. ★★★★★ Excellent quality lights and wonderful service!Teena C.Teena C. ★★★★★ Barnlight Australia are a fantastic company to deal with and provide an exceptional product. We have used their original gooseneck barn lights on the exterior of our house and barn and they look fantastic. Four years on every light and its fittings look amazing, with a simple wipe down every few months or so. I would absolutely buy their lights again!Rosie F.Rosie F. ★★★★★ I absolutely love my Original Gooseneck Barn Lights I purchased over a year ago. I’ve just ordered another 4 for my house. I love, love, love them so much. Not only are they stunning, but the quality is astounding and the service at Barn Light Australia couldn’t be better.Kylie B.Kylie B. ★★★★★ Thankyou Barn Light Australia, I absolutely love my lights. A few years ago we renovated our house which is a coastal beach cottage and your lights added a really unique touch. We have two in the kitchen and three outside.I recently contacted Barn Light Australia as my outdoor lights were showing signs of rust on the outer cage. To be honest I was disappointed and was just going to let it go but I decided to call to see how I could repair it myself.To my suprise an offer was made to replace the outer metal cage (sorry not sure of the technical term) without any hesitation.Thankyou Barn Light Australia, I am so impressed with your service and would not hesitate to recommend your beautiful lights to those who are looking for something really special.Many thanksKyliePaul M.Paul M. ★★★★★ This is the 2nd time we've purchased Barn Light products. This time it was 2 outside wall sconce lights and a pendant for the kitchen island bench. Great products and impeccable customer service! Its refreshing to be able to buy some Aussie made electrical items.Simon G.Simon G. ★★★★★ Great barn lights but even better was the after-sales service. I broke a bracket on installation and another was quickly sent out to me in the post. A1 service all round.Kate P.Kate P. ★★★★★ Excellent service, so much so that we did another order with them. It arrived within a week. Thanks Barn Light!Lucy-Kate A.Lucy-Kate A. ★★★★★ Amazing service & product. Barn Light Australia Pty Ltd went above and beyond, under difficult Covid-19 circumstances, to not only delivery an incredible product but also to meet our changing requirements. An absolute pleasure to deal with - honest, transparent and above all a product that really has the potential to 'make' a home design. We highly recommend.Response from the ownerThank you for your review Lucy-Kate! We'll have that modified order out to you at soonest. Keep safe! Linda G.Linda G. ★★★★★ My black Old Dixie pendant lights look fabulous. Really happy with the final result. Chose a local company to support local business and was delighted that paid off. Jessie handled imy requests with speed and professionalism. Nothing was too much trouble to ensure I was completely happy. Definitely recommend Barn Lights Australia.Response from the ownerThank you for your review Linda, it is greatly appreciated by our staff & I. A big thank you to your Sparkie for being able to arrange pickup of the replacement part at short notice. I hope your new Barn Lights look amazing! R B.R B. ★★★★★ Great company to deal with. Quality product. Happy with our black barn lights!js_loader

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Frequently Answered Questions

Can I use a sensor on a Barn Light? aka. "Sensors? Dusk-to-Dawn? Timers?"

Yes – We have been developing our lighting for years and it is ready to integrate with any sensor on the market today. Your electrician, or related professional will work closely with you to determine which solution best suits your needs, but don’t worry: to put it simply, buying a Barn Light is the easy part of your lighting plan.

The types of sensors available on the market today are microwave (movement), lux meters (during dusk-to dawn periods), and PIR Sensors for night (heat sensor). The best solution for you will depend upon your local conditions, thus supplying a motion sensor isn’t under the purview of the lighting products we provide. 

For example: If you live in an area with nocturnal life, you wouldn’t want to install a motion sensor in your backyard covering a large amount of area. For similar reasons, you wouldn’t want a heat sensor covering the sunset as stone holds heat for a long period of time. Some video cameras these days now have a “pre-determined scope” or area of control to focus on, ignoring all else such as a driveway, ignoring the surrounds.

As every Barn Light is unique, every projection depends on a variety of factors.

We’ve written a “how to” article to make measurement easier for designers and specifiers with a quick array of mounting arms to assist you with making sure everything fits nicely in your new space.

Read more >> Barn Lighting Projections

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

For Entryway and Porch Lighting, our Industrial Wall Light range would typically be better suited for smaller passages. Older homes typically have newer exterior decking which drops the installation point from 1.8m to any deviation, causing issues obtaining replacement lighting. If you need a SMALLER sized lighting fixture, our SG16 Sconce Gooseneck Arm is highly recommended for smaller shades (especially <30cm).

The standard installation point for these areas is typically 1.8m AFFL (Above Finished Floor Level) for older federation/Queenslander homes.  Newer/Modern Homes typically 1.8m~2.1m AFFL based on the purpose of the light. 

It’s a visual thing and there’s no rule book that says you HAVE to hang it at a certain height. Have fun with it ~ 

Our PG12 Petite Arm (20mm) or SG16 Sconce Arms (25mm) are designed with you in mind.

Add 1/2 of the smallest shade diameter of The Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light to the Gooseneck Arm’s to get an overall projection.

PG12 = 30cm Projection
SG16 = 37cm Projection

This is what Barn Lights were made for. You want a large statement piece that throws light where its needed. 

We recommend the G15 Gooseneck Arm for areas with walkways underneath, or our G22 Gooseneck Arm where you’ve got both height and projection available to you (probably a new build?)

G15 Gooseneck Arm = 47cm Projection
G22 Gooseneck Arm = 57cm Projection

Both goosenecks are bent the same, however our G22 Gooseneck Arm has a longer “tail” leading to the wall.

Smaller Mounting Arms Projection Drop
from Mounting Point
PG12 Petite Gooseneck (20mm) 30cm 15cm
SG16 Gooseneck (25cmm) 37cm 18cm
Larger Mounting Arms Projection Drop
(From Mounting Point)
G8 Curved Gooseneck 63cm 18cm
G14 Straight Arm 35cm Not Applicable
G15 Gooseneck 47cm 20cm
G22 Gooseneck 57cm 20cm

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