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Duotone Range of Lighting – Illuminate Your Interior with Style and Versatility

duotone new copper gooseneck universal |

Introducing our new Duotone range: a selection of striking metallic and flat colours that will transform any space. Our bold colours offer a unique approach to design, creating an eye-catching look that stands out from the crowd. With its dynamic colour combinations, it’s the perfect way to add some vibrancy to your home.

Introducing our 28cm Old Dixie Warehouse Shade

Black Cottage Wall Light for Miner's Cottages

Introducing our new 28cm Old Dixie Wall Light by Barn Light, a modern lighting design that is both timeless, classic, and stylish. This new warehouse shade features a unique cascading style for integration into your home or office. The Old Dixie can fit into any space perfectly, while the backing plate provides a level of […]

4 Expert Art Deco Lighting Tips

Flame Red Wall Light on White Home.

Art deco is widely known as the first global style. It emerged during a time of rapid change and great innovation in the 1920s following World War I. Art deco was adopted by many designers, architects, and artists at that time as a reaction to the excesses of the Victorian era, which had just come […]