Introducing our new 28cm Old Dixie Wall Light by Barn Light, a modern lighting design that is both timeless, classic, and stylish. This new warehouse shade features a unique cascading style for integration into your home or office. The Old Dixie can fit into any space perfectly, while the backing plate provides a level of proportion unlike many wall lights these days.  With its vintage-inspired style and modern construction, this wall light will be sure to make any room stand out from the rest!

Bring the charm of an Old Dixie shade to your front porch with our range of the Old Dixie Wall Lights and Pendant Lights

Perfect to place just above your entryway door in the Cottage Style or our Old Dixie Farmhouse Wall Light alongside your garage door pillars, your guests will be greeted with this smaller version of the classic light shade on a beautifully curved wall light to show off its style at just above eye-level while lighting your entrance. While we’d always recommend our Old Dixie Gooseneck Wall Lights for larger areas, our PG12 (Petite Gooseneck) Mounting Arm paired with our 28cm Shade as shown below.

Customer Photos of 28cm Old Dixie Wall Lights

Black Gooseneck Light on White Weatherboards
Our new 28cm Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light in Black Ace with PG12 Sconce Gooseneck Arm
28cm old dixie gooseneck wall light black ace front entryway door christmas wreath |
Our 28cm Wall Light as sent into us by a very happy customer (they were waiting for a new months for the mould!)


Barn Light Manufacturing is an Australian-based lighting manufacturer that has been providing high-quality and stylish lighting solutions since 2012. We have a wide range of products, from industrial-style lights to modern designs. Our mission is to produce lighting products that are designed with a rustic attention to detail, giving them a unique aesthetic appeal and blending with homes both modern and ages past.

Part of our DNA is manufacturing – We’re not an lighting importer, never will be. Our manufacturing starts with a vision and in the case of the Old Dixie – Customers loved the 43cm Old Dixie however desired a smaller shade, the result was our 33cm Warehouse released in 2021-2022 during the Pandemic.

The end of 2022 comes around and customers ask for a better “looking” Old Dixie Farmhouse Wall Light, but with the Cottage Mounting – So we brought our our Old Dixie Cottage Wall Light. Now we’d love to continue to nothingness, so we’d assume we can’t get any smaller however we’ll leave that for our customers to answer to in 2023.

Old Dixie Smaller Wall lights

Modern Wall Light in Black Ace with LED Bulb
A modern approach to the Cottage Wall Light Family. A shade featuring hard edges, modern curves, and a style to match any modern home.
Shown in Colorbond Cottage Green w/ Optional Atomic Cast Guard & Frosted Glass



2 Responses

  1. Interested in your 28cm Barn Light. We would need five in black, but worried about the diameter of the attachment to the wall. We would need it to be 11cm or less.

    1. G’day Rob,

      Probably best that you give us a call (03 8743 5500) – We’ve got a custom product we can supply you however would need to know if you’ve got enough wall (spacing) to affix it to the wall.


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