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New Copper 40cm Wesco with Black Ace External

Duotone lighting has been growing in popularity lately, and it’s no surprise why.

This technique involves combining two different colours of light to create a unique and striking effect. It can work with any type of lighting, from gooseneck wall lights, to indoor kitchen island lighting. Let’s take a closer look at duotone lighting and how you can incorporate it into your home or business.

What is Duotone lighting?

Essentially, it’s an engineered process of powder coating a secondary colour such as metallic within the light before overcoating with another colour. In the case of our immediately available Duotone range – We’ve got our range of metallic with a Black Ace top-coat. As both of these colours are coastal rated, we’re able to recommend these colours from the beach to the bedroom in terms of durability. 

Types of Duotone Lighting

Another type of Duotone Lighting that uses two colours to create a gradient effect. This can be achieved by placing two lights of different colours next to each other, or by using colour filters to alter the hue of the light. The result is a visually dynamic effect that adds depth and interest to any space. Our best known examples have always been Tiberius & Monument Matt, we commonly take requests for a Tiberius Internal with Monument Matt exterior for outdoor wall lights accenting a Monument Matt Roofing system for contrast.

One popular application of duotone lighting is in accent walls. By placing two lights of different colours on either side of a wall, you can create a subtle gradient effect that draws attention to the feature. Alternatively, you can use colour filters like smart-bulbs or garden lights to achieve a similar effect without requiring additional lighting fixtures on the same wall. In the way our Universal Gooseneck Barn Light is shown; Using the same New Copper Colour on the hardware provides a visual focal point that directs the eye to the Black Ace finish.

duotone new copper gooseneck universal |
This photo shows what is possible; the mounting hardware would otherwise be black in the format. See Below for more information.


To establish customer expectations, the following are considered to be “Internal” and “External”. Where our Caged/Atomic portion exists in the configuration, these will be coated in the same “External” colour.

For example: New Copper (Internal) + Black Ace (External) in the following product ranges.
If you’d like to request the same colour hardware, please contact us to arrange for any of the following examples:


Gooseneck Wall Lights
The Mounting Hardware will be supplied in the external colour

Factory Wall Lights
The Mounting Hardware will be supplied in the external colour

Caged Wall Lights
The Mounting Hardware will be supplied in the external colour. 
The Caged/Atomic Hardware will be supplied in the external colour.

Cottage / Farmhouse Wall Lights
The Mounting Hardware will be supplied in the external colour
Farmhouse Only: Atomic Hardware will be supplied in the external colour.



Cord Pendants (Barn Pendants)
Only the Shade will be provided with Internal Colour.
Mounting Hardware will remain standard Black Ace Finish.

Cord Pendants (Barn Pendants)
Only the Shade will be provided with Internal Colour.
Chain & Mounting Hardware will remain standard Black Finish.

Stem Pendants (Barn Pendants)
Only the Shade will be provided with Internal Colour.
Stem & Mounting Hardware will remain standard Black Finish.

Caged Ceiling Lights
The Caged/Atomic Hardware will be supplied in the external colour.

Can I use Duotone Colours Outdoors?

Duotone lighting can also be utilized in outdoor spaces, such as gardens or patios. By using coloured outdoor lights, you can create a stunning landscape that highlights your favourite features of the space. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply want to spruce up your backyard, Duotone lighting can add an extra layer of visual appeal.

What about Coastal?

Our Coastal range of powdercoat colours, which comes with a 25-year warranty on colour, includes a stunning selection of Metallics that provide the same level of durability. Come rain or shine, these powdercoat colours can withstand any weather condition and remain as vivid and gorgeous as the day they were applied to your surfaces. Trust us, your property deserves nothing but the very best and providing Barn Lights durability in constructions, your new lights will last the measure of time at a minimal expense.

Durability: It is important to note that the overall durability rating goes down (ie. from 25 Years to 10 Years) based on the external colour and where you elect to use a non-coastal or select Colorbond® from our range of available colours.

Why are Duotones All Metallic?

Duotones are highly sought after for their metallic finish, but don’t worry, we offer more options than just Metallic. Whether you’re after Colorbond® or solid colours, we can provide you with a range of choices that will perfectly complement your home. While our current releases mainly feature Metallic, this is simply due to their widespread popularity. So if you’re looking for variety in your colour choices, our collection has got you covered.

How many colour options are there?

As many as you can come up with. These combinations have been manufactured, and despatched to designers/customers already and obviously doesn’t provide a complete list:

  • Natural White + Pale Eucalypt
  • Monument + Burnished Copper
  • Surfmist + Fresh Gold
  • Black + Galvanised
  • Black + Tiberius
  • Shale Grey + Basalt
  • Deep Ocean + Surfmist


An introductory price of $39 per fixture will apply for the first 3 fixtures.

Our pricing for our Duotones Colours is both fair, competitive, and rightfully exclusive. We use the premium powdercoat colours to manufacture our lighting ensuring high quality with every order, whilst also looking at the bank balance. 

For orders over 5 fixtures, please contact Melinda to arrange based on your time requirements.

This covers the cost of a separate powdercoat run for your exclusive use. Due to the cost of labour and materials, it gets cheaper for you for every order, so you can easily mix and match different shades to achieve the perfect look for your home. We have a full range of products available in stock, so you don’t have to wait for custom orders – simply select from our collection and we’ll take care of the rest!

What you need to know about Duotones & Barn Light

In summary, Duotone lighting is a versatile and innovative technique that can elevate any space. By combining two colours of light, you can create a gradient effect that adds depth and interest to your lighting. Whether you’re looking to enhance your accent walls, create a personalized atmosphere, or add visual appeal to your outdoor spaces, duotone lighting is sure to impress. So why not give it a try and see how this dynamic visual technique can transform your home or business? If you’ve got company colours and going the way of franchising, providing a unique colour combination is a smart transition to both branding and marketing.


Want some assistance with your Duotone Lighting?

Want to organise a call back from Melinda from Barn Light? Fill in the form below and we’ll give you a call at a time acceptable to you.



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