Art deco is widely known as the first global style. It emerged during a time of rapid change and great innovation in the 1920s following World War I. Art deco was adopted by many designers, architects, and artists at that time as a reaction to the excesses of the Victorian era, which had just come to an end.

Art deco lighting is characterized by geometric shapes, clean lines, and bold colours. It has become popular again in recent years thanks to its distinctive design and impressive aesthetics.

The following art deco lighting tips will help you create an enjoyable atmosphere with this style in your home or business premises. We wrote another Art Deco Lighting article a few months back, and we’re here today to refine a little bit.

#1 Brighten up your room with art deco styled lighting

Lighting is one of the best ways to add visual interest to your home. It can also be used to create different moods and set the tone for a variety of different activities.

When it comes to art deco lighting, the simplest way to add drama to your room is to increase the brightness of your light fixtures. This is because art deco lighting fixtures are often characterized by modern, clean lines and bold geometric shapes—both of which can make a room feel smaller and less spacious, especially in a larger room.

If you want your room to feel spacious and bright, you can try adding a few simple light fixtures. Make sure to choose light fixtures that are of a larger scale. You can also add a few decorative lighting fixtures to make a bolder statement and create more interest.

As Barn Light provides a considerable amount of control around their own fixtures, many of which could be considered their own styling with a touch of colour. Take for example The Streamline Moderne Wall Light, Art Deco Styling but something entirely different when dressed up in different colours!

atomic topless streamline sconce |
Our Streamline Modern Wall Light - Easily seen in an Art Deco home, an Nautical/Coastal home, and a Farmhouse Homestead. The detail is in the colour, the shape, and the eccentricity.

#2 Add colour and pattern with tiles

If you love the look of tiles but are worried that they might not be suitable for a modern or art deco design, think again.

Tile has been a part of art deco design for many years. It’s a great choice for art deco lighting fixtures, as well as decorative wall panels and flooring. Tile can add a lot of colour and pattern to your room, which will make it look more interesting and vibrant. Tiles are usually made from ceramic or porcelain (We used to sell a significant amount of porcelain enamel lighting!) —both of which are very durable and suitable for areas of high traffic, such as hallways and kitchens.

Tile is available in a huge variety of colours and patterns, so you’re sure to find something that suits your home. Tile is also a cheap and affordable option, making it a great choice for any homeowner on a budget.

B5957958 D671 41E1 AC40 222B39CC12A6 scaled |
Our 25cm Schoolhouse Art Deco Inspired Lighting + Bathroom tiles completes this look

#3 Install a fireplace or art deco heater

Art deco lighting fixtures will definitely make a bold statement in your room, but they might not be appropriate for every room. For example, they’re not really suitable for bedrooms.

So, if you want to bring art deco design elements into your bedroom, you need to think a little outside of the box. However, there are lots of other art deco lighting fixtures that you can use in the bedroom, such as decorative lamps.

Art deco lighting fixtures like decorative lamps are a great option for bedrooms because they provide more light than decorative candles. However, decorative candles can also be a nice decorative touch for the bedroom. If you’d like the “fireplace” styled flickering lighting bulbs – 

wood stove
A retro cone heater creates more than enough warmth (check with your local fire authority before installing!)

#4 Utilize floor-to-ceiling windows

If you’re looking for a way to add interest to your home and make it feel more spacious, you might want to consider installing a few new windows. Wider windows are a classic feature of art deco design, and they’re often seen in art deco buildings.

However, if you’re not ready to replace your existing windows with floor-to-ceiling windows, you can create the same effect by installing wider windowsills.

Wider windowsills are a really simple way to change the look and feel of your home. They can help you create a more spacious and open feel by flooding your home with more natural light.

Our 33cm Old Dixie Gooseneck Light on a art deco & country cottage farmhouse | Credits: Mable Projects


If you want to create a bold statement in your home or business, art deco lighting is the perfect design choice. It’s a great choice for large open spaces, making Art Deco style ideal for retail stores, restaurants, and hotels.

Thank you for reading our article on 4 expert art deco lighting tips. We hope you have found it informative and helpful. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to help!



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