When & why did you start Hobbs Building (how many invested souls?) and why did you start in the industry.

​Hobbs Building and Interiors was established in 2016, following our relocation to the Scenic Rim, located in the Gold Coast hinterland. We specialise in eco-friendly steel frame construction due to a range of common climatic conditions including bushfires, severe storms and termites. We’re incredibly lucky to operate as a husband and wife duo, from our Canungra-based showroom.

What’s makes your business different and unique?

Our ‘sense of place’ and community is very important to us as a couple and as local business owners. That’s why we choose to operate mindfully with the environment at our forefront. We’re energetic and love to do things differently. Fully off-grid builds, difficult sloping sites and complex architectural designs gets us out of bed in the morning.

What’s you favourite part of your day-job?

Our favourite part of our respective roles is to continue pushing the boundaries of design, innovation and construction while creating country-style homes in-and-around the Scenic Rim. When we’re not exercising together, we’re working together! We’re also emotionally invested in every project that we accept. That’s what makes our team special. Like-minded people attract! And that’s why we aggregate the best local build partners from designers, certifiers and craftsman.

So much of what we do relies on other professions and trades. So it’s crucial we have the right team with our same sustainability ethos and family values. The hardest part of our role is fitting our tasks into one day! If only we had more time (ha).


You’ve purchased a Barn Light recently, did the product work as your design intended?

We’re incredibly happy with our Barn Light purchase; including design, quality and installation! As our existing barn did not have a gable overhang, it wasn’t an option to add timber gable details. The light instead fills the space perfectly, acts as a focal point and compliments our custom-made Western Red Cedar barn doors (which surprisingly are incredibly light and easy to use).

What attracted you to purchase from Barn Light?

I recently saw this image from Five Oaks Farm in Texas (Courtesy of Barn Light USA) and fell in love with this light profile and unique gooseneck. I recall Instagram then led me to Barn Light Australia where we transacted with ease.



Whats the story behind the structure?

​The Original Barn Light is fixed to a prefabricated aluminium barn shed, which we inherited with the purchase of our block. Once used as a storage and packing room, the shed lived for hydroponic strawberries and asian greens, and later our personal reception venue, host to 120 guests a few years back! (@platypus.valley).

Whats your motivation to renovate and is there a “why”?

Our motivation to aesthetically update the barn shed has stemmed from the launch of our first homewares collection hobbs Home (@hobbs.home). Now the barn houses unique stone bathtubs and homewares; soon to be a showroom for our Hobbs building clients to enjoy.

Freestyle – Anything you want to add that we haven’t already covered?

We offer our Hobbs clients include hosting live educational events at our home: @platypus.valley, involving our suppliers and trades. Plus, we also offer our clients an exclusive international sourcing experience to Indonesia; whereby designing and importing unique furniture. Our collection items are also available for sale via Hobbs Home (https://www.hobbshome.com.au/)

How can potential clients contact you?

W: https://hobbsbuilding.com.au/   I   https://www.hobbshome.com.au/

Social: @hobbsbuildingandinteriors  I   @hobbs.home   I   @platypus.valley

P: 07 5543 5145



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