As Barn Light Australia‘s managing director – I’m fluent in reading boring marketing emails or promotional posts that you probably have clogging your inbox. You’ll know the ones that simply push you to ‘buy, buy, buy’ – I’ll save you from the same sales pitch and instead give you an interesting story to read about…

As you are probably aware, you or someone you know are interested in products from Barn Light Electric. Most questions our US counterpart receive are simply emails asking to ship to Australia or otherwise quote the shipping cost(s) to do so. For 99% of orders, international shipping is always an unpleasant, expensive, and emotionally draining affair, especially when 24 hour delays between recipients being the norm. I offer no apologies for shipping prices originally quoted however I do empathise with you, and so….

Barn Light Australia purchased a 40 foot container in December 2012, fully laden with the highest quality porcelain enamel shades, directly from Barn Light Electric. This container landed last month in Melbourne and we’ve been so busy that we haven’t had the time to contact you until today. We, Barn Light Australia can now offer a select range of high-quality porcelain-enamel products WITH free-shipping to Australians & New Zealanders alike. It’s plausible that we’ve got the product you were originally (and probably still,) looking for.
How do I know that I’m getting true, original Barn Light Electric products and not just some unaffiliated lighting company?

As part of Barn Light Electric’s original employees (Circa 2008), I’ve had a vested interest in the products that I’ve been involved in, including prototyping, designing, categorising, assembling, listing or otherwise being a part of the product creation or refinement process over the past five years. Here’s a page direct from the US website for your review:

The short story;

In 2008, I was made redundant, specifically leading up to the Global Financial Crisis. By chance I met Bryan Scott, the owner of Barn Light Electric, while working online one evening. I became interested in his entrepreneurial venture that became Barn Light Electric and I left Australia on a whim to see another part of the world.

While we lived in Florida, I lived, breathed and worked at Barn Light Electric’s office and manufacturing facilities when I wasn’t attending community college (T.A.F.E. by comparison). I know everyone in each of the three buildings our employees worked from. We’ve sung awkward renditions of “Happy Birthday” to each other, attended co-worker weddings and showed my face at the weekly meetings. During 2010, I decided to return home, which I did in 2012.

During my time in Florida, online requests from Australia and New Zealand grew at a phenomenal rate and were soon rivalling Canadian orders. As a fellow Australian, I can’t express how honoured I was at the time knowing that, 12,000Km away we had a group of individuals that wanted our product. We heard your complaints of inferior, boring, and sometimes, downright dangerous lighting that have made their way into local showrooms by unscrupulous business practices. My business partner Bryan Scott and I heard your requests often enough that we put into motion opening down-under and with my family in tow, we have since opened our doors.

My name is Jesse-Lee Stringer, I’m the managing director of Barn Light Australia. I can source everything you might want from Barn Light Electric with a minimum of fuss. I live locally, I once assembled your shades in my own garage, now we I lease two 400sqm factories and I deliver using AustraliaPost.

Barn Light Electric Co. produces some of the best quality products in the lighting industry in America and Canada today, I hope that you, or your business will come to appreciate our lighting as much as our customers do today.

Barn Light Australia Pty Ltd.
Where Vintage & Modern Collide®

Kindest Regards,

Jesse-Lee Stringer
Barn Light Australia Pty Ltd.




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