We’ve recently been made aware that Dulux has discontinued a number of Electro Powdercoat Finishes from November 11th, 2019 (possibly earlier). Despite these powdercoat colours being the ones we truly fell in love with, we’re aware that some designers may have already incorporated these finishes into their architectural or branding portfolios. Where known to us, we’ll be in touch should you have enquired about these powders in the past, if not we’re making this hopefully public statement of “We’re Sorry, No. We don’t know why they’d discontinue Poyple either!”

The following powders are discontinued, removed from our website today (November 27th, 2019) per advice from our powdercoater in Dandenong North. Powdercoat colours shown on our website will be available to order for the next twelve months without interruption. As always, if you have concerns, queries, or questions – We’re available to help and assist you in designing your perfect Barn Lights. Click to view the current range of available powdercoat colours from Dulux Electro Powdercoat Colours

Dulux manufactures a range of different Powdercoat finishes here in Victoria, the local plant being a five minute drive from our manufacturing facility. We keep a close relationship with our powdercoater for the purpose of warranties, performance (UV Durability especially), and product finishes being made available to our customers. Barn Light represents Quality and the Dulux Electro powdercoat range represents a significant financial investment on our behalf, that was necessary to provide our customers the best quality lighting on the market today. We look forward to pushing that envelope in the future.




Dear Customers,

Please be advised that from 1st April 2020, below list of powders will no longer be available as part of our standard stock range.

They can be ordered as made-to-order powders, minimum order quantity and lead times will be applicable.

Can you please notify me ASAP, if you foresee any of your projects involving below colours going beyond March 2020? Thanks in advance.


Dulux Electro Powdercoat Rangedulux electro powdercoat discontinuation |


About Dulux Powdercoat

Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings is the largest powder supplier in Australia and New Zealand. As a pioneer in the powder coatings industry, Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings offers a wide range of stock and custom made powder coating colours and technologies.

Customers trust Dulux products because they know that we strive for excellence in product quality, technical innovation and environmental performance. We offer the widest range of premium powder coatings in the market which allows flexibility in design and we provide the most complete range of colour and durability options specifically for architectural coating solutions.

When you supply, recommend or specify Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings you can be assured that the product complies with the appropriate Australian and international standards. Our products are backed by extensive performance testing that removes all doubt about product performance and limits your exposure.




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