It is an exciting time at Barn light Australian, after many months of delays we have finally received our natural gas fired batch powder coating oven! 

All processes to make your lights are now in house in our factories. What does that mean? No more delays, we used to drive to another factory for spraying and drying.

Over the past 6 months we have been working very hard to get all the correct equipment and also training our staff to ensure we could set up all processes in house. 

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating protects materials from atmospheric influence. It provides an even surface and a uniform finish. Thermoset or thermoplastic is used and granulated into a powder form. The powder is then sprayed onto the surface of a metal object using an electric charge and then this surface needs to be cured.

Ovens are required for curing a powder coating. Powder coating ovens must be able to sustain temperatures of 450°F and the oven will need to be large enough to fit all the powder-coated objects inside. Powder coating ovens do not require the use of solvents, meaning curing can be compliant with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations regarding the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

How do Powder Coating Ovens Work?

When the substrate is coated, a powder coating oven is used to cause the powder to adhere to the metal extremely firmly meaning it will be extremely long-lasting. The powder then becomes a smooth substance which looks as if it has been painted on.

Powder coating ovens apply heat to the coating at a determined temperature, meaning that the final objective of the powder coating method will be met. Specialist ovens are needed for this reason, the coating should not be subject to direct heating and heating elements should not come into direct contact with the powder coating or it would burn the coating.

Gas to be connected this week, if all goes well. We could be operational next week.

Please be advised, we are not permitted to reheat, nor cook meat pies in the oven per Worksafe regulations.



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