We're really sorry... but its time.

You know that our Lighting products are a premium product, both highly configurable and customisable, Barn Light offers a relatively decent service, and you can trust that “You get what you pay for” without all the caveats. That pricing you’ve enjoyed or at least seen online now requires a fresh start.

From the 1st of July (possibly earlier) we’re anticipating an “across-the-board” repricing of our Lighting products.
An average increase of 10-25% on some, less increases for our smaller (sized, not priced) products.

Why you ask? Well its (admittedly) very confusing right now – Our suppliers have increased their pricing a few times during the pandemic and keep sending us really nice graphs about the cost of material going up, and I can’t tell you the *actual* cost of the product with the way things are moving forward. That said our suppliers have stated the following increases which may (or likely) have been increased two or more times already this financial year.

8%~15+%  | Capral Aluminium (Goosenecks)
5-7% | Visy (Cardboard / Consumables / Packaging)
3-5+% | Dulux (Powdercoat)
12.4% | TNT (Next Business Day Freight)
8% | Foam Sealant (Gaskets & Sealants)
15%+10%+5% | Electra Cables (Electrical Cable)

Ultimately we’ve tried to maintain our accessible price for a majority of Australian Households however we’re selling out of stock *really quickly*, we’ve had put on extra staff (+100%), and rather than cheapening out, we’re dedicated to producing a really good Australian Made Lighting product – in the middle of a pandemic, in the state of Victoria (#Lockdown Central). We’re also making an investment to move to a new premises to create a showroom for designers to visit… you’ve asked for it!

We’re all about being honest and transparent with our customers so we’re not going to spring a price increase on you and then start a “sale” the next day. We’re all about our customers, so we wanted to provide you(r/company) an opportunity to buy at the (current) lower price rather than during our next “sale” which probably won’t come for a new months.

If you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to make the decision as we won’t be holding ANY prices after the 1st of July.



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Best Sellers & New Products

  • Black Industrial Wall Light on Gooseneck Mounting

    The Original Gooseneck Barn Light

    $343.00 AUD
  • Black Modern styled Wall Light. Shown with Curved Black Mounting Arm

    The Old Dixie Gooseneck Barn Light

    $323.00 AUD
  • Hampton Styled Gooseneck Wall Light in Black Ace

    The Universal Gooseneck Barn Light

    $330.00 AUD
  • Hampton Home Wall Light in Black

    The Austin Cottage Wall Light

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $312.00 AUD

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