Here at Barn light Australia we love when our customers return numerous times, such as Rachael Turner from Front Porch Properties. Our goal and passion is to provide a product that keeps you coming back, due to the quality and design on offer.

We recently asked Rachael to sit down and tell us a bit about herself, her company and why she keeps returning to Barn light Australia…..

Hi, I’m Rachael Turner, CEO, owner, builder & designer at Front Porch Properties.  I have an absolute passion for American Style Farmhouse homes as well as a special place in my heart for the beloved Queenslander, basically anything classic & timeless has it’s name written all over it for me. As a female builder, I have had to work hard to get to where I am today, but I have loved every minute of it.  I have managed to transition from a classically trained pianist running my own music school for 10 years, to now being a fully licensed builder in Brisbane, with Front Porch Properties now being it’s 7th year, I am certainly lucky to live my passion every day.

Rachel Turner

Woman standing in front of teal american styled front door
Featured: Rachael & her Oaklands Stable Door; Barn Light; Our Original Barn Pendant & Austin Wall Light

What project did you use our lights for on your property?

Our latest project is for our wonderful client building their forever family home.  It’s a beautiful coastal farmhouse in Brookfield, Brisbane, the area is like a small country town, yet so close to the Brisbane CBD.

White Gooseneck Light over Weatherboard Wall
Our 25cm Universal Gooseneck Barn Light in Pearl White Gloss

front proch properties 35cm universal gooseneck barn light |
Our 35cm Universal Gooseneck in Colorbond® Basalt Satin

Adult Swing with Gooseneck Light above

Why did you pick Barn light Australia?

I have worked with Barn Light Australia on quite a few projects previously, I find they have a great range to choose from which really suits the aesthetic of a lot of the building designs we focus on in our business.  We were also able to customise our colours to suit our clients home which was great , as one of the colour choices needed to match our Colorbond Basalt Roof and Barn Light Australia were able to match it exactly.

American / Queenslander Hallway

What style were we going for?

This particular home really lent itself to classic farmhouse/barn style lighting but we also needed to bring in a coastal element too. Initially we were thinking of brass for the exterior fittings as we were using a lot of brushed brass for door hardware throughout the house.  Something didn’t sit quite right for brass/gold exterior lighting on this particular project, so we went a little more subtle and in the end, we settled on pearl white gloss fittings to a few of the door areas with the remainder of the home’s exterior lights being done in the Colorbond Basalt.  The home has a really lovely street appeal through the use of classic verandahs, and a really gorgeous farmhouse garage door and we wanted to complement these features in the most natural way possible.

American styled mudroom home nook

How do you find the quality of the lights?

The quality is fantastic, and it’s so great that we can customise the goosenecks too, as this gives me greater flexibility with what lights I can use where.

front porch construction brookfields garage focus |
front porch construction brookfields roof focus |

Would you recommend them to others?

Absolutely, I really find Barn Light Australia’s service absolutely fantastic, they always kept my team in the loop as to the progress of our order and they were super helpful in assisting us with matching our paint colours with their standard colour options.  Their delivery arrived safely and securely direct to our project without any hassles whatsoever.

Pale blue door with white vertically ribbed walls

Do you have any future projects coming up where you would use Barn light Australia again?

We love working with BLA and will always endeavour to support them as they provide our clients with a great Australian made product that is also beautiful.  We have quite a few projects in the pipeline, all currently in the planning stages, but no doubt several of them will be lucky enough to require a Barn Light or 2.


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