15% Off 🥊 Day Sale | Storewide*

* excludes Gooseneck Arm Hardware & Hardware & Accessories (Replacements)

Our Boxing Day Sale begins from 12pm today
until 09/01/2022 @11:59PM

Save 15% Off All Barn Light Lighting Fixtures

🎺 News for 2022 🎺

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Jadite is coming back in 2022

♫♪♪ What else is new in 2022? ♫♪♪

  1. We’ve got a powder coating oven coming in February/March that we need to finance otherwise we’ll be in some dire straits for lead-times which stretched from 2-3 weeks to 4-6 weeks at the worst of times this year. We’re not wanting a repeat of that. Your Holiday Barn Light order will go towards 1x Australian Made Powdercoating Oven.
  2. We’ve got our custom “Jadite” colour coming back, specially made for us by Dulux Powders.
  3. We’ve got a 28cm Old Dixie coming to the “Old Dixie Family” and a number of new molds just like it coming soon after.
gooseneck barn light
28cm (11") Old Dixie Warehouse Shade

Hold Up… What’s the Lead-Time?!

If we’ve got stock, we’ll ship it immediately – Be sure to buy Black Ace or Flat White however. Otherwise we’re looking to ship in late January. This sale will give our staff an opportunity to come back to work (at their behest) while Mel & I head away camping for a number of weeks (without our phones, likely till the 24th).

♫♪♪ Australian Made Right? ♫♪♪

Well.. Yes, since the pandemic started, we’ve had put on extra staff (4x Part-Timers working full-time hours), and rather than cheapening out, we’re dedicated to producing a really good Australian Made Lighting product – in the middle of a pandemic, in the state of Victoria (#Lockdown Central). That investment lets you buy stuff, Australian Made Stuff, Quality Stuff. and a majority goes back into our local economy. ie. taxes being paid.

Price Rises in 2022...

From the 1st of February (possibly earlier) we’re repricing our Atomic range of lighting products, an average increase of 10-15% on.

Why? Aluminium is getting somewhat rare, and more expensive for us to source. We’re all about being honest and transparent so we’re not going to spring a price increase on you and then start a “sale” the next day.

We’re all about our customers, so we wanted to provide you(r/company) an opportunity to buy at the (current) lower price rather than during our next “sale” which probably won’t come..

You know that our Lighting products are a premium, highly configurable and customisable product, Barn Light offers a relatively decent service, and you can trust that “You get what you pay for” without all the caveats.

If you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to make the decision as we won’t be holding ANY prices after the 1st of February.



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