Sometimes all a space needs is a little sprucing up. Not an endless remodeling process (like ‘The Block’) that takes a lot of time and treasure, but simple touches that transform a space from dull to dynamic. Today’s featured customer found out how much difference lighting can make when she switched out her basic track lights with our Original Barn Pendants.

“We were doing cosmetic things like painting and decorating, but then the new pendant lights changed the WHOLE look of the kitchen and living area,” Hayley says. “Before we put the Original Barn Pendants in we had old track lights which just did nothing for the room.” Hayley’s home is located in Mission Beach in far north Queensland, Australia. It’s a small coastal town so Hayley wanted to go with a laid back, rustic sort of style playing up the abundance of wood and white in her home plus a unique colorbond/iron ceiling.

kitchen lighting mission beach queensland |
The old, tired track lighting that was well…. due for replacement.

“The ceiling throughout the whole house is iron/colourbond so we thought these pendant lights would work well,” she notes. Hayley chose the 16″ Original Barn Pendant in a Galvanised finish for her kitchen, entryway, and laundry room. All were installed with a standard black cord.

kitchen lighting mission beach queensland with barn lights |
Hayley’s newly minted 16″ Original Barn Pendants certainly make a big difference in terms of available lighting but most importantly adds to her rustic beach house styling.

“I just loved the Original Pendants as soon as I saw them.  The galvanised look really got me as it was exactly what I was looking for, It has that rustic, weathered look about it without looking ‘fake’. And the galvanised finish goes perfectly with the Colorbond® roofing.” ~ Hayley

Hayley found Barn Light Electric via an internet search and placed her order through the Barn Light Australia website, being one of our first customers

hallway lighting mission beach queensland |
Front Entryway provides a rustic entrance into her home. Aesthetics being a prominent feature of any rustic home.

“I had a prompt reply from Jesse-Lee who kept me up to date with emails about when the lights were shipped and when they arrived,” Hayley notes. She also started following the Barn Light Australia Facebook page where Jesse-Lee often posts updates and photos of the arrival and unpacking of shipments along with new products and testimonials like this one.

laundry lighting mission beach queensland |
Hayley’s new laundry room, complete with Washer, Dryer, and 16″ Original Barn Light

“I love everything about our lights — the size, colour, and style are perfect and have just completely changed the look and feel of the kitchen/living/dining area of the house,” Hayley says. “When we have people over they are like ‘Wow, I love your lights!’ and I tell them where we got them from and always recommend buying from Barn Light Australia!”

Photos courtesy of the homeowner



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