Where does the “Hamptons” style come from?

Somewhere between Australia’s laidback vibe and the East Coast of America is a beachside haven for affluent New Yorkers. In fact, this cultural phenomenon has been adopted so well by Australians that they have even given it its own name: “Hamptons style.”

The Hamptons is a small area on the East coast of Long Island, New York which has inspired many Australians to renovate their homes. The trend has been going around for some time now, but it really seems that in recent years there’s been an increase in the number of people looking for inspiration from this “exclusive” beachside community.

Examples of Hampton Style Lighting Designs

Outside lighting 1 |
"Darlana House" - The design work of Tess Lyons' located in Highfields, Toowoomba, QLD took out a few local design awards.
Exterior sconce |
Our Austin Wall Light installed to "Darlana House" with customer supplied wall brackets
barn light 25cm austin wall sconce black ace |
Our Austin Wall Light is known for that Hamptons Vibe by Designers & homemakers alike.

Australian home-owners have been following suit with the trend taking over the world by storm. The exclusive beachside community, located on a different side of this earth, has had an overwhelming effect on homes in Australia that is not going to stop anytime soon.

When you think about it, nothing says ‘summertime fun’ like throwing open your windows and letting the ocean breeze through your house while listening to waves crashing against shore just metres away. It just might be easier to remember the last time you had a BBQ, or got sand stuck in your shoes that you remember what Australian summers are all about. That time with family, friends, and if you are lucky enough to have (social!) co-workers – the odd Company BBQ. You’ll remember the smoke of the BBQ, the coldness of the Beer or Wine in your hand.

Its not just all Black & White...

Deep Bowl Pink Chain Hung Lighting with White Farmhouse Background
Our Wesco (US Model Shown) in Blush Pink Powdercoating. The difference between buying the same old black vs. selecting a pastel pink can never be understated.

Maybe it’s the nostalgia, or maybe it’s that early Hollywood glamour. Maybe looking back to a simpler time is what keeps us coming back for more of those films and TV shows Perhaps it’s the timeless sensibility, calling you back to a simpler time. You can accomplish a combination of that nostalgia and styling with a Barn Light Lighting Fixture!

The Hamptons style is a tried and true staple of Americana. But what about the Australian version? The traditional interpretation often includes taking cues from nature, like mixing sand with muted blue or green paint to create an ocean-like accent wall in your living room. However, modern interpretations have taken risks by experimenting with different materials and colours like black and pale pinks.

A contemporary Take of Hampton Styling

Hamptons Black & Pink Colour Scheme
The Modern Hamptons colour palette Traditional Hamptons style is earmarked by a muted colour palette featuring blue accents. Modern Hamptons, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to be bold.

Modern Hamptons Facade: Freshwater 400 Display Home, NSW Take the Freshwater home design. The facade of this display home in Sydney’s northern beaches uses traditional Hamptons textures like wooden VJ panelling and stone, with contemporary colours like black and pale pink.

For a contemporary take, consider incorporating on trend textures like our Barn Light finishes; Black Ace to compliment Black Matte Finishes throughout – Tiberius Flat for Brass Plated handles/kitchenware’s – (Colorbond’s) Pale Eucalyptus to compliment the indoor greenery that Australians are known to love (and sometimes in adversely quickly kill due to heat!)

Honour Tradition or Making it your Home?

Some of the most stylish homes in its namesake Hamptons region are modern and contemporary, while still honouring tradition. For example, you might have a great room with huge windows that flood it with natural light from all angles or an open kitchen overlooking your garden to enjoy on warm summer evenings. Take a look at Cathie S. home and see why its all about what you need rather than sticking to traditions!

monument and tiberius barn light |
"Hillgate" by Cathie S. A coastal property on the banks of the Georges river (near Botany Bay, NSW)

Add some Hamptons Styling to your Home

A good way to style your home with a voice of its own is by adding the right light fixtures. Hampton Styling Lighting from Barn Light offers many different styles that will compliment any room in the house, such as our Original Warehouse and Austin Warehouse Shade styles for creating a warm environment without harsh edges – Design your Hampton Styled Barn Light today!

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The Hamptons, NY USA

The Hamptons, on Eastern Long Island’s South Fork, is a string of seaside communities known as the summer destination for affluent New York City residents. The towns and villages are marked by long stretches of beach with an interior that contains farmland where 18th-century shingle buildings line up next to each other in close proximity; behind these homes lay estates hidden behind tall hedges which have been manicured into perfect boxwood shapes. East Hampton has high end restaurants and bars found throughout its local area while designer boutiques can be seen down every block or two along the street side.



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