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‘ We’ve been best friends for almost 20 years and have seen each other through all the ups and downs of life: meeting and marrying our husbands, starting families (we now have nine beautiful kids between us) and juggling busy careers. But in 2014, we took a leap of faith together, quit our jobs and created Three Birds Renovations in pursuit of a more fulfilling life – working for ourselves, doing something we loved, and with more family time. Within a few short months of starting out we had successfully bought, renovated and sold our first property. Fast-forward to today and we have transformed loads of properties, amassed a gorgeous group of followers who make it all worthwhile and learned more than we ever could have imagined. We’ve poured all that hard-earned knowledge into our online renovation course, The Reno School.  We started out flipping houses and then reno’d our forever homes … now we are wholly focused on inspiring and empowering women, anywhere in the world, to turn THEIR renovating dreams into REALITY.’

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Since the day Three  bird renovations wrapped up House #9 – Bonnie’s Dream House. We get enquires at least once a week, so we’re going to expand upon exactly what Barn Lights the The Three Birds featured. If you are looking to design your own, take some inspiration from the images below to get started on the right track.


The Original Gooseneck Barn Light…

We have two product listings for The Original Gooseneck Barn Light due to the sizing and price difference, but also the level of skill required to manufacture these shades.
The link from The Three Birds sends you directly to our 40cm Gooseneck Barn Light. If you are looking to meet budget, or designer requirements you’ll want our “Machine Spun” versions. The Original Gooseneck Barn Light is available in six (technically seven) different sizes; Four of which are Australian Made and Three that come from our American business partners; BarnLight.com

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40cm Original Gooseneck Barn Light…


Our Original Gooseneck Barn Light is available in the following Australian Made Sizes; 30cm / 40cm / 50cm – The US variants come in 35cm and 45cm. Most customers prefers larger sizes for Gooseneck Wall Lights, so selecting the right size for proportion is so important when working with lighting. You want your lighting to look proportionate otherwise cartoonish designs take away from the real asset – the space!

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60cm Original Gooseneck Barn Light…


Our Metal Spinner, Warren, spins our gigantic 60cm Original using a mixture of two molds. The 60cm Original is first spun using a hardened steel mold which contains the entire 40cm Shade Shape. When Spinning metal, it is “pushed onto the shape/shade” to create the new “blank” which is then finished as your new warehouse lighting shade. The neck of the 60cm Original is started using the 40cm Mold’s Neck before being slowly spun and worked/finished in another lathe that uses a hand-made wooden mold that flares out to the 60cm Shape.

We do have a 70cm Shade; however these are strictly for import only as they require either a pallet (to save freight) or airfreight which brings the cost per unit near the AU$1,500 RRP mark.

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