In 2012 Jesse Lee arrived back from America and started an adventure he only hoped would one day turn into an Australian made and ran business. Taking the lighting industry by storm! Fast forward to 2021, through a pandemic and two years of lockdowns, the barn light family have achieved so much . Jesse Lee and Mel now have two warehouses, and 5 staff members with the ability of bringing all processes in house. The introduction of new machinery, water wall, Hydraulic bending machine, Non ferrous Cold saw and Pipe threader to name a few. 

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Jesse Lee

There are future plans for a show room, a place where Barn light customers can come and view our light range. Also the ability to have a peek at the lights being made inside the warehouses.

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Welcome to our new warehouse space….. 25

When we say Australian made, we mean it! All Barn lights are span, acid washed, sprayed, wired and packed right here in Australia, right here in the Barn light’s new warehouses! 

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Welcome to our new warehouse space….. 26
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Welcome to our new warehouse space….. 27

The new water wall ensures that no toxic paint fumes escape into the environment. We now offer a water spray finish which is a beautiful smooth texture. 

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Samples of current customisation colours being made.

For $249 we now offer a customisation options to match any colour you may desire! Hand painted, colour swatch and finished in the option you like. The $249 allows for 4 shades to be painted in your custom colour, additional shades at an extra $30.

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Welcome to our new warehouse space….. 28

Jesse Lee and Mel main focus is to ensure the products they’re making are of high quality, the new machinery they have implemented means this process can be achieved. They’re hands on, creating the perfect light which will last for a life time in all Australian weather conditions. 

‘ From the moment we wake up, we’re thinking about how can make things better for your day. Quality is something we consistently strive for in everything we make and do. Filling spaces with beauty and Australian craftsmanship keeps us coming to work with a purpose, while each day striving to do this even better.’

Managing Director – Jesse-Lee Stringer



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