Gone are the days where bedroom lighting is just Downlights or batten lights! Your bedroom is a place to relax in luxury and to achieve that, using feature lights such as Barn lights. Barn lights can help to create the right moody vide and help to decorate the space.

Using a mix of wall and pendant lighting helps to define your space, create ambience and provides a beautiful decorated room.

What sconces do…

Close-to-the-wall sconces can be used to artfully highlight features with a halo of light to provide eye-catching splashes of light on artwork, and engaging contrast to the room.

The Halo Effect….

Wall lighting is designed to work with your wall to accent aspects of a room, providing a gentle relaxed feel, enriching the experience of the space. Outdoors, sconces provide an attractive and useful while also guiding the eye. Combine the gentleness and beauty of wall lighting with the clean lines and uncluttered forms of Barn Light Australia’s sconces to express you own creativity.


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Austin wall sconce…

The Austin’s small, 25mm diameter shade allows for mounting in tighter spaces while the minimally intrusive gooseneck keeps walls and doorways lit without intruding too far into the space. The petite Austin Wall Light provides a splash of light where needed, and a welcoming glow from a deep bowl that shields the eyes from direct light.

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Dual Atomic Industrial Guard sconce…

We have a great range of vintage industrial style lighting and the Atomic range has a retro maritime theme, which looks fabulous in a multitude of décors. The Dual Atomic Industrial Guard Sconce works well as bedside lighting in the small but all important rooms of our homes and businesses. Match the Dual Atomic Industrial Guard Sconce with a cast iron bath tub and exposed plumbing. The Dual Atomic Industrial Guard Sconce looks great too as a wall feature in a room using a mix of lighting fixtures.

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Wesco Industrail chain hung….

The Wesco Industrial Chain Hung Pendant builds upon the character of traditional deep bowl pendant lights – Designed to provide a deep and directed light upon counters back in the 1900’s, Our Wesco has evolved to be a popular design application, highlighting certain points of interests around retail stores. You’ll find both the Wesco Deep Bowl Shades among top fashion stores providing a ‘call-to-purchase’ whatever lays beneath these deep bowl warehouse shades.

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About the Deep Bowl Design

The Wesco Chain Hung Pendant features a minimalist deep bowl design that doesn’t sacrifice on glam. Featuring a contemporary/industrial inspired light offers a long lasting rustic chic which will blend effortlessly into homes and offices built in all styles from country style farmhouses to ultra modern apartments

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Design your Barn Pendant Light…

Make the shade a central feature with these ceiling-hung pendants in the centre of your room.

With our Pendant Barn Lights, you can create lighting effects to match your style clean lines and broad curves which enrich the beauty of your decor.

Add rustic charm to your pendant with a stylish dome such as the Old Dixie, or add contrast with a more focussed spot with a Wesco. Add industrial chic with something from our Atomic range, and enjoy this eye-catching and functional Barn Pendant lighting feature.

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