Sometimes the number one place we use the most, numerous times a day is often forgotten about! Your entry way, front door is a place that needs to stand out, be secure but also needs to be lit the correct way!

Having the right light ticks off all three of these points. The correct light provides security, safety and makes your entry stand out. Now let me share with you some lighting options that may help you pick the right light.


The perfect feature to light up your front door, the Austin Wall Light is our most popular wall-light, and the ideal complement to your Hamptons Style home. The petite Austin Wall Light provides a splash of light where needed, and a welcoming glow from a deep bowl that shields the eyes from direct light. The Austin is a durable, long lasting, completely outdoor rated light that highlights your home’s best features.

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With the factory light look of an vintage warehouse shade, the Original Gooseneck Barn Light is now available in a larger 60cm shade.
Perfect for commercial lighting, oversized entryway signage, exterior porch lighting and other large spaces. This oversized wall light, with a heavy duty gooseneck arm, reflects a wide span of downward directed light onto patios, sidewalks, awnings, commercial signage, and more! Australian-Made for the life of our business.

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A rugged industrial wall light inspired by bulkhead ship lights, the Industrial Static Wall Light brings a nautical touch to locations indoors and out. Consider the Static Industrial Wall Light for porches and garages or as accent lighting in long hallways. Perfect for restaurants, retail stores and office spaces. If you need something a little more modern, have a look at our Static Flared Wall Light

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The Wesco sconce is just such a light. Beautiful and elegant in itself, the curved neck puts the bell-shaped dome close to the wall, will brighten whatever you choose to put under it, and will create an arc of light across the texture of your wall.

Most popular in metallic gold, but available in any colour you like, the Wesco Sconce is a beautiful feature in its own right, and will create a breath-taking impression for your guests.

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Outdoor LED Lighting has never been easier with the pairing with our high-performance LED options. Paired with the 60cm Original Gooseneck – You’ve now got high performance LED Outdoor Gooseneck Lights available for every project that requires outdoor lighting.

Vintage Tear Drop & Sphere LED Filament Bulbs

  • $29.00
    460 Lumens in a Very Warm/Yellow White (2200K Colour Temperature)
  • $35.00

    460 Lumens in a Very Warm/Yellow White (2200K Colour Temperature)
  • $39.00

    480 Lumens in a Warm White (2700K Colour Temperature





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