We're back - in a COVID Positive Spirit

We (Mel & I) had intended on returning to work on the 24th of January… however we got “IT” whilst camping 4.5h away. So, we’d be back the 31st of January.

As I write this (30/01), we’ve just been notified that half of our staff will be absent this week… due to COVID Positive results (no, we didn’t go in early).

For those of you asking “Where’s my order” – We’ve had our staff of four working through the holidays since the 10th of Jan (Their choice, I guarantee you) and production/manufacturing has commenced since that date. Mel & I are in charge of boxing orders, so we’re the last point of the despatch chain. Our powdercoater has also been back since the 10th however has had the state government’s contractors prioritise some medical parts prior to opening of certain hospital wards, so there has been delays.

We are awaiting a LARGE batch of Black Ace (EBA), that was supposed to be completed last week, however… yes. His staff then got COVID.

Also. Our metalspinner ALSO got it… so, its been a very infectious start to 2022.


The colours that I KNOW are pending from our powdercoating.
  • One Tonne (Tn) of Electro Black Ace + Shades.
  • Colorbond Monument Matt & Satin
  • Various Colorbond’s that are not shown in the table below (Ironstone etc).

Any order with “Thick Cast Guards / TGG” are likely being held as we only receive those units from our supplier on Thursday (28/01)

Colours that HAVE been completed. We’re heading in to box these today/this week to despatch.


  • Electro Black Ace (Without Shades) – ie. Atomic Units/Shades we’ve got on the shelf)
  • Electro Flat White
  • Pearl White Gloss (without Thick Cast Guards) *All Shipped Monday 31/01*
  • Tiberius Flat *All Shipped Sunday 30/01*
  • Burnished Copper
  • Venerable Silver


  • Monument Matt & Satin
  • Pale Eucalyptus
  • Wallaby
  • Surfmist Matt & Satin

Thank you to our customers, suppliers, social media enthusiasts, and hard-working electricians this 2021 year.

Throughout 2020, we shipped roughly 80-100 parcels a month, last month alone we shipped 300 parcels, that’s just parcels – multiple products go into parcels.

If I had to guesstimate, we likely shipped over 1000 individual products last month… we’ve been doing this volume since February, AusPost hates us.

Despite what we present online, we’re very much a small family owned business looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday mornings (like most parents).

Trade Discount Enquiries/Applications?

https://www.barnlight.au/trade-discount-applications/ – Temporarily suspended for new trade discount applications.

We didn’t keep up. Literally. If you thought 2021 sucked enough, we’ve (had to) invested $100,000 in new equipment and staff.

We’ve got our powdercoating oven being delivered at the end of February, so we’ll be managing most processes in house (and saving a bomb on Toll Road Fees/Administration/Diesel)

We (read: I did) made the difficult decision to discontinue our trade programme due to many “fly-by-night” projects in 2020/2021 as our competitors were unexpectedly “out of stock” leading to a massive jump in order volume, unreasonable manufacturing demands, and ultimately requests for cheaper pricing. We’ve always been focused on quality, customisation, and modularity so believed the term “trade discounts” didn’t produce the results we were originally looking for in designer/commercial projects. You can opt to call us direct to plead, we’re sometimes amendable (AU$5,000+) however these orders will go into the “low priority pile” as we’re prioritising full paying customers first. (Trade is 30%/70%). The money we’ve otherwise saved on Trade has been put into new products, coatings, and facilities – not our proverbial pockets. 

Franchise Pricing Enquiries?

Please consider quoting RRP if the product is available on our website.

I’m suspending discounts under AU$1,000 due to various franchises being unable/forgetting/not returning phone calls. An overwhelming (75%+) percentage of our bad debts was incurred by Electrical Merchandising Franchises in the 2021 year.

For the franchises/franchisees in good standing, this policy obviously won’t apply. If you need to ask, you likely already know the answer to an exclusion.

Picture of Jesse-Lee Stringer

Jesse-Lee Stringer

Managing Director | Barn Light Australia
Chief Technical Guru & Manufacturing Co-Ordinator



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