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Art Déco style brings glamour and charm from the roar of the 20’ers into modern day space. Art Deco or Arts Decoratifs was named after the Paris 1925 International Exhibition of Modern Decorative And Industrial Arts. Modern styling and quality workmanship merged into the design. It is known for its lust, glamour and exuberance. During a peak of popularity in the late 20s it was viewed as a belief in technology and technological developments. After its collapse in the mid-50s its appeal was eventually abandoned, giving rise at most in decor to midcentury modern designs. Whilst we’re a Lighting Company, we’re focused on providing affordable art deco styled fixtures, incorporated into our existing range of warehouse styled lighting. Our Streamline Modern is such an example, as is our Static Industrial.

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Art Deco Lighting from Barn Light is a popular way to add Victorian charm to your home. Not only do they look great, but they also provide functionality and can save you money due to their build quality – just like the original Art Deco lighting that we’ve come to love. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of Art Deco Lighting available, as well as how to choose the right one for your home. We’ll also give you some tips on installation and maintenance. So if you’re thinking of adding some Victorian charm to your home, read on! Finding the right lighting fixture is a must if you want to create the perfect ambience in your home. Consider several factors while choosing a barn light for your home, including style, size, and finish. 

Consider Style

You have a few main options:

The light style will most likely be determined by the room you’re installing the light in and your home’s overall décor. 

Chain hung pendant lights can create a rustic industrial feel to your space, whereas schoolhouse lights are the perfect art deco lighting option for a vintage feel. Flush mount lights can work in a more modern setting, and traditional gooseneck Barn Lights can work in both older homes and more modern spaces, depending on the exact style and material of the light. 

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Incorporate other light layers

Barn Light provides the most effective accent and work lighting. Unfortunately, most Barn Lights won’t create the best overall ambient light for a room on their own, especially a large room such as living areas and kitchen dining spaces. This is why it’s essential to create lighting layers with recessed lights in the ceiling or, even more importantly, other Barn Lights. The days of a single, centred incandescent light bulb are far behind us, and blank canvas “Halogen Downlights to LED Down Light” ceilings were hardly better. Interior Designers will state quite convincingly, “Its about the layers of colour, contrast, and functionality that wins over clients, not empty rooms”.

Layering your lights can help create better overall lighting and, when hung at the correct height, you can ensure no strange shadows are cast around the room or the ceiling. Imagine a long dining table illuminated by a row of beautiful pendant lights; one Barn Light is never enough!

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Consider the height and measurements

Before installing lights such as Gooseneck Barn Lights, you should consider the available space and individual pathways around the light. Our Gooseneck Barn Lights have a long neck that extends out and takes up more room than most traditional light fixtures. The modularity of our Goosenecks (& Wall Lights) provide a large range of options that are as unique as your personal design requirements.

The location is also crucial. Before installing your new lighting, do some research and make sure you can picture the area you want to illuminate and ensure you have the measurements of the available space. Simple tools like a tape measure and cardboard cut-out in the same diameter as the shade should give an impression of the overall size and prominence in the area.

This applies to all lighting styles, from Sign Lights to Schoolhouse Lights. Art Deco Lighting provided by schoolhouse lights can traditionally provide good ambient lighting to reach all room corners. The 270 degree of light dispersal (more if you have a longer light globe) provides a significant lighting reach over a standard pendant. If you want a more directed light, yet some up-light, consider our Sydney range of lighting.

Measure the space

The most crucial factor to consider is space. You must assess both the physical and aesthetic aspects of the space when selecting vintage styled gooseneck and barn sconces. Ensure that it does not obstruct the path or collide with the furniture. Choosing the incorrect size will have disastrous consequences (that said – Barn Light provides a six month return policy!). A small size Barn Light will look good in a small space, whereas you can choose a larger one for an ample outdoor space instead. 

Consider Material

The material is always essential in any light fixture. Barn Light manufactures with Australian spun, extruded, and die-casted aluminium before being coated with an Australian UV-Stable powdercoat. Far beyond the capabilities of our competitors, our Barn Light fixtures have a sleek, yet vintage appearance. At the same time, our competitors commonly use thin, overseas produced steel, easily exposed to the weather that imparts a truly rustic appearance as non-UV powdercoats are used to save a buck!

Barn Light’s lighting fixtures naturally come in various colours, and some of them have rustic designs like Black Ace, or Flat White being the most popular colours. You can select multiple coloured fixtures for your home’s indoor settings, to match your cabinetry, or fixings. However, natural-coloured barn lights are the best option for providing brightness and a soft, eye-catching appearance – We recommend Burnished Copper & Tiberius Flat for many customers looking for a “pop of colour” that looks new, yet vintage!


Choosing the right Barn Light is vital. You can choose whether you want a classic or modern look by adjusting the size, space, style, colour, and so on. It is entirely up to you to select a Barn Light based on your preferences. Whether you’re looking for art deco lighting, industrial lighting or more modern fixtures, Barn Light has got you covered. Head to Barn Light’s Shop Page check out our fantastic range of Barn Lights!

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