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Oak & Orange – Oak and Orange – Builders Wives – Design and Styling inspiration


Dream Home 6 – Dream Home 6 – Cosy Country Cottage – Oak and Orange


Dream Home 7 – Dream Home 7 – Oak and Orange

Who are Oak & Orange? 

We’ve been friends for over 15 years now and in that time, we’ve watched each other get married, grown our tribes by three little people and supported our husbands who began their own home building business in 2010. Together with our husbands, we have designed and built over 17 homes in the past 10 years. Crazy as it sounds, we have lived in a lot of these homes, that’s life as a builders’ wife. We have got the whole packing and moving house thing down pat! Oak & Orange was a natural progression for us, although we both started our careers in the corporate world we both decided that was not the life we wanted to return to after having a family. Working from home whilst our youngest boys play is a dream come true and sometimes, we really do pinch ourselves at how blessed and privileged we are that we get do to this.

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Background Information about yourself, property and business.

Oak & Orange is an interior design blog run by Heather & Sarah. Good friends, mums and builders wives. Oak and Orange was born out of our passion to share our insider tips and tricks and wealth of practical knowledge to inspire others to create their own dream home. We pride ourselves on designing beautiful homes that are both practical and functional for the modern family. We take you inside our home building journeys from floor plans and external design to colour selections and material finishes. We love letting others in on our Hot Tips and believe gorgeous family homes should be low maintenance and easy to clean leaving you more time to spend with your loved ones.

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Dream House 6

What projects did you use our lights for?

We have used Barn Light Australia on our most recent 2 projects Dream Home 6 and 7. Both were brand new fully clad homes with distinct styles.

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Dream House 6

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Why did you pick Barn light Australia?

We love the quality and that Barn Light Australia offer so many different styles and colours. When building a new home we have to design and source materials really early on and we like to focus on consistency throughout the home, from the façade right through to the tiles and trims. The lighting is no exception. Barn Light Australia’s range means we can choose a variety of styles in the same colour and finish or mix up the colours but use the same style. For us variety is important because when it comes to lighting you can be limited with size and space for where you can put lights. The dilemma is choosing lights that are the right size and proportion for where they are being positioned but also wanting the flexibility to carry a similar lighting design throughout the home. Barn Light Australia offers a solution to that dilemma. Plus they offer a good mix of traditional and more modern looking lights.

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Dream House 6

What style were you going for on your projects?

Dream Home 6 was a cosy country cottage style home and our next Dream Home 7 is called The Coastal Farmhouse. We take our inspiration for the current style trends and the location of the home, we also try to choose classic and timeless colour schemes that won’t date too quickly.

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How do you find the quality of the lights?

Two words “love them” and the best part is our electricians are happy to keep installing them for us, so we know we’re onto a winner!

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Would you recommend Barn light Australia to others?

Without a doubt. They are great quality, look amazing, serve a purpose and can really transform the exterior of your home without spending a fortune.

Do you have any future projects coming up where you would use Barn light Australia again?

We’re taking a little break. The last 18 months we have served up 4 new homes, 3 of those were video series and Sarah has just welcomed her bub. But when the times right and we’re back to designing and building we would definitely use them again in future projects. It’s the cost verse reward that makes them so appealing for us.



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