Why? You’ve got the same guy running the webserver, email database, advertising accounts, and website all rolled into one with a background in eCommerce Development & Security.
(I also don’t use post-it notes for keeping passwords…)

In today’s cyber-security environment (or battlefield) – the less data made available, the harder it is to be worthwhile for the bad-guys. We know that we’re running a lighting company, not battle hardened keyboard-warrior veterans, and frankly I’d rather not play a game that I’d likely lose (with your data along with it).

We’ve all got one fail safe method to ensure that should things go awry, you hopefully won’t be affected – I’m deleting your data from our online systems 

How does this effect me?

Quite simply – It doesn’t. Your personal data like your email, phone number, mailing address have only ever been stored on our website, or else our accounting software ( and until this time, we’ve only kept the bare minimum located online accessible via Melinda or I. We regularly export orders directly into two systems ( & StarshipIT) for order completion and tracking purposes.

Then why did you write a whole blog post about it?

We have a large audience/customer base of older Australian’s, some of those who (thanks to COVID) have started buying things online and accordingly have likely been caught up with various scams or attempts by those acting mischievously. We’re attempting to protect these people just as much as persons our own age (who despite that literacy, are getting punished by other ineptitude ~ see below)  

The Hard Facts of Small Business Life.

  • The average loss to a small business from a cyber security incident is over $37,000.
  • In most cases when an incident occurs, small business owners do not know the source of compromise (and its not cheap to rectify/resolve)
  • However when an incident is attributed to an event, it is more likely due to business email compromise (we’re using Google’s own email servers, making it harder than stealing your ex’s Netflix account).
  • Small business owners also experience higher rates of social media account compromise and exploitation than individuals.
  • Responding to an incident may likely cost a small business four working days – including other costs incurred (like insurances, credit-card cancellations/reimbursements etc)


Why are you removing my data?

Simply put – The average Australian (and Kiwi)’s personal data is a gold-mine for cyber criminals and I personally have been affected recently (Optus/Medibank/Vinmofo) and that of no fault of my own.

My wallet was stolen from my vehicle one evening a few months ago, and Westpac appears to have permitted an individual the right to open an account using my name. The age of computers is well and truly here and anyone can pretend to be you so we’re removing the possibility of exactly that.

Nothing was stolen (apart from my waller) however it becomes apparent that not having this data accessible online is more important than keeping data we’re likely never going to use again.

What about my warranty?

We’ll simply use our accounting system to verify your order number along with your phone number (or your old one) and email address.

If you’ve got questions – contact us and we’ll do our best to explain why we’re removed your data. Your online accounts will still work as intended, and nothing changes from that perspective. Good luck on keeping safe, the following links might be of use to you:

banjo profile picture |

We’ve got a guard dog to protect the stock.. but nothing that bites for our web-systems so we’re looking to protect your data the easy way.

Miniature Aussie Shepard Puppy sleeping on the Job



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